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  1. Hello,

    In acufield view, is it not possible to "ON or OFF" many volume at single time. Every time I have to select single volume and make it OFF or ON. And in my product, there are nearlly 150 volume, which is taking huge time to ON or OFF. Please help.






  2. Hello,

    I want to show contour of temperature in such a way that. Temperature above certain specific limit should be transparent.

    Ex: If a component showing Temperature max & min is 300"C & 90"C. The contour is set from 100" to 90"C. So, temp above 90"C will show red in colour. But in place of red, I want transparent (Invisible or white).

    Simply I want to edit contour. And I don't know the procedure



  3. Hello,

    I am getting an error while Pre solving in Acusolve. I am getting error i.e.


    acuPrep: *** ASSERTION in Function <iopGetFileLineCnt> File <iopFile.c> Line <1368>
    acuPrep: *** unable to open file <MESH.DIR/MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.ExhtGas_ShapedTube_6.tet4.Face_ExhtGas4_Side0.tri3.ebc>; Too many open files
    acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep


    Can any one tell me why this error is coming & how to sovle it.

    I have attached .log & .inp file. Please find it.



  4. Hello,

    I am working on automobile component i.e. EGR coolar. Here task is to Cool hot gas emitting out from engine and to send back to engine by using coolar i.e. ethylene glycol.

    EGR coolar has two fluid gas(hot air) & coolant(Ethylene glycol). Each fluid passing from 1 side. It may be parrallel or counter flow.

    I am getting inputs from customer like this, I am showing you 2 case as follows:


    CASE 1:

    Coolant flowing at 90"C @ 1200l/hr @ 2.5Bar-gauge

    Exhaust Gas at 450"C @ 150Kg/hr @  2Bar-gauge


    CASE 2:

    Coolant flowing at 90"C @ 1200l/hr @ 2.5Bar-absolute

    Exhaust Gas at 450"C @ 150Kg/hr @  2Bar-absolute


    Hence some time I am getting input value of pressure in bar or absolute.

    I am giving BC like this:

    At inlet I am defining pressure and temperature and at outlet negative flow I am giving.


    But I am not understanding how to value of pressure in gauge and absolute?




    BorgWarner Emissions System

  5. Hello,

    How to get gif animation in ACUFIELDVIEW

    I know how to form video in Acufieldview, but problem is video I am getting is in AVI. format. Then I am converting AVI. format to GIF and then preparing ppt.

    But while converting it, croping option is not there. Due to  which ppt presentation is difficult.

    Is there, any another way where I get gif directly with crop option and with good clarity.


    Please help me.



    Borgwarner Emissions System 

  6. I am facing problem with boudary layer.

    When I am not maintaining BLs result is converging easily but showing wrong result. Only55 to 60% accuracy I am getting.

    When I am maintaining BL, result is not converging. The values are fluctuating so much,

    Actually modal is EGR coolar and has two flow i.e. coolant & Exhaust gas.

    In first trail, I solved with no BL, I got 60% accuracy. I got result trendy at very low time step 60, and I solved it for ten days till TS 1000, but result was same. There is no change.


    In 2nd trail, I am solving with BL at wall seperating coolant & gas. But here, result I am not getting trendy atleast. 300 TS, already completed, still no result.


    Solver is also very slow. Taking too much time. For each TS it is taking nearlly 20mins.


    I have attached inp & log file please find it.

    Please do needful as I wasted nearlly 1 month on it.



    Rajendra Prasad

    BorgWarner Emission System



  7. Thanks for reply vikas,



    inputs are

    Freq range: 50 to 500Hz.

    Gravity: 2G

    Damping: 2% & 4%( 2 simulations)


    Loads I applied are

    At the place of constraint, SPCD loads are also applied in all 3 dimention( towards specified dirc, 9810 N/mm2, load is applied).

    Tabled1 is applied, range of freq 50 to 500Hz & gravity 2G is applied

    Tabdamp is applied for damping i.e 2%

    RLoad2 applied to merge SPCD load and Tabled.


    Load step





  8. Hi sir,

    I am getting an error while solving FRF analysis, i.e.



    *** ERROR # 2094 ***
     EXCITEID on RLOAD2 # 9 data references follower force or nonexistent
     DAREA/static loading with ID # 4.


     There were 2 error messages during input processing.
      The first message is repeated below:

      *** ERROR # 2094 ***
      EXCITEID on RLOAD2 # 9 data references follower force or nonexistent
      DAREA/static loading with ID # 4.


     ==== End of solver screen output ====

     ==== Job completed ====


    Please help me, as I am running out of time.



    Rajendra Prasad






  9. On ‎23‎-‎05‎-‎2017 at 9:30 AM, Prakash Pagadala said:

    hi @Rajendra Prasad


    Error 5408 indicated  that the solver cannot find any mode between the bounds you specified in the EIGRL card, thus it cannot proceed with the frequency response solution.

    Please increase the upper bound to a higher value. You may want to run just a normal mode solution (ND=10) and see what is the lowest frequency and then adjust the upper bound accordingly for the frequency response analysis subcase.

    Thanks for reply sir

  10. My CFD solve is running. I am working on EGR system(exhaust gas recirculation system). Its the thermal analysis. There are two fluid(air & coolant).

    Goal is to find outlet temperature of fluid i.e. air & coolant.

    My result is not converging. It's very big modal, nearly 40 million elements are formed. Each time step is taking nearly 30min.

    Now after nearly 96 hours, 160 time step is reached. Still its not converged. At TS 70, values looks more trendy. And at TS 120, solution was converged its best. But now at TS 160, results are not looking trendy.

    Now, I want result at TS 120. Is it possible, now solve is at TS 160?

    And, if any suggestions are there to coverge solve, then please suggest me.

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