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  1. My CFD solve is running. I am working on EGR system(exhaust gas recirculation system). Its the thermal analysis. There are two fluid(air & coolant). Goal is to find outlet temperature of fluid i.e. air & coolant. My result is not converging. It's very big modal, nearly 40 million elements are formed. Each time step is taking nearly 30min. Now after nearly 96 hours, 160 time step is reached. Still its not converged. At TS 70, values looks more trendy. And at TS 120, solution was converged its best. But now at TS 160, results are not looking trendy. Now, I want result at TS 120. Is it possible, now solve is at TS 160? And, if any suggestions are there to coverge solve, then please suggest me.
  2. Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 5408 *** Aborting analysis because no structural modes have been computed in the modal dynamic subcase 1. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED. I am not understanding why this error is comming. Please help me.
  3. Yes, You are correct but what equation I have to put for variable pressure acting from 0.55Mpa to 0.055Mpa on tube changing magnitude along the circumference of tube. I dont know how to form the equation or how to use linear interpolation method. Can u give an example of it, please. Thanks for the reply Nguyen-Dai . 155
  4. I have tried by it but i have to apply variable pressure not uniform. I know how to apply uniform pressure but I am facing problem with applying variable pressure.
  5. How to apply varriable pressure in optistuct? I have to apply variable pressure from 0.55Mpa to 0.055Mpa of pressure on tube varring along the circumference of tube.
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