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  1. Hello, I am trying to run a topology optimization in Inspire for my thesis which is one of my school's student formula teams race car uprights (knuckle) as shown in the picture. The optimization runs when the minimum thickness it kept at 0.25 in and maximum is kept at 0.75 in. As soon as the minimum is made anything less than 0.25 in, the optimization fails with the error attached in the images(insufficient disc space) although the minimum suggested thickness is 0.14572 in and maximum is 0.29144 in. The issue is surprising cause the run history path is set to a drive that has 1.79 TB of free space. Any help or fix on this issue is appreciated. I can send in the file for review if needed. Thanking You, Amogh Taraikar
  2. Thank you Prakash for your help on this. Can you walk me over the setup change? I see you have applied the flux but not used it in the loadstep. Also, can this method be applied to 3D domain without masking every row of elements and then applying the flux? Can you share a file for 3D domain if you have any? Thanking You, Amogh Taraikar
  3. Thank you Prakash. That actually was the case. I am even trying a 2D scenario to get output like the one mentioned below. I am getting a weird output instead. I read one of your October post related to a similar problem titledClassic thermal compliance optimization and you mention OPTI_DEBUG and Case_unsupported_Cards in it. Can you help me with my file. I sent it to your link. Thanking You, Amogh
  4. I am trying to work on optimizing a heat sink model based on the attached paper. I am unable to simulate the model by applying CHBDYE as it is not supported in topology. I tried applying heat flux instead but I am having this error - Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 557 *** DRESP1 1 is not referenced from within a linear heat transfer SUBCASE. This type of response must be specified from within a linear heat transfer SUBCASE. This error occurs in DESOBJ 2. Can someone guide me in the right direction. I did follow this thread - . But havent fig out a way to get the 3D output as Alurcad got. I attached the 3D model file too. Thanking You, Amogh Taraikar Thermal Topology Optimization in OptiStruct Software.pdf Large_scale_three-dimensional_topology_optimisation_of_heat_sinks_cooled_by_natural_convection.pdf AM_T2.fem
  5. @Alucard I too am working on a 3D model for this. Were you able to create conduction internally too without masking each row/column. Also do you have any alternate way of contacting you? Also, you are modelling conduction internally and not any convection conditions on the outer surface of the cubes right? Thanking You, Amogh Taraikar
  6. Thank you for the answer sir. That was helpful. Thank you Amogh Taraikar Chassis Team UTA Racing
  7. I have sent the file to you using the secure file transfer link.
  8. I am trying to perform a 1D beam element analysis on a formula student race car. I need help regarding the application of beam end releases at the suspension nodes. Can someone confirm this setup - Node 1 ie. pin a = 456, node 2 ie pin b =0 - for simulating the a arm with a ball joint is correct or not? With this, I am unable to get the rocker(bell crank to rotate). Thank you
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