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  1. 3) there is overlapping between two components. what to do?
  2. Part A Brake Pedal 1) which surface i have to apply force in z direction? this will under go Optimization! a) b) 2) how to make points visible?They are invisible now so I am having trouble
  3. All three solid (visualization) laminates are overlapping each other. Is that a problem if we do analysis as per below laminates design? please tell me the possible step to make it good? below model is a metal composite sandwich......... what connection we have to made to join it?
  4. samefile Design45? how? please share it. i can do static but i need Force for that i m doing Motion solve Analysis. my objective is DESIGN ANALYSIS AND TOPOLOGY OPTIMIZATION OF ELECTRIC BIKE FRAME SYSTEM USING FEA . like
  5. you read the file i attached to you! you already done this type of project and its your video which i m following. tell me the procedure possibilities where i have to do more concentration. i m attaching the new same mesh File which i created it looks different from other one. i transfering design45.fem via FILETRANSFERLINK.
  6. after following these steps i found this i successfully created .h3d but it size is of 3gb message.txt
  7. what this means? i m attaching a out put warning message after flex preparation. i think i have to refine the mesh. please tell me if any other problem. error.txt
  8. As per our talk i m sending you my design space file of motor cycle. i won't able to create input my interface nodes while creating flex preparation same thing i am trying in solidthinking inspire in motion, wont able get FEA analysis. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dN7enQkP2hVbMmvJynrDCX7VJBmhmVBT/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx_nUMIj4agbUmhyTUhvVGhYVFN2Z1h3TDlKNGhkbW5uY2c0/view?usp=sharing
  9. I m not able to get interface node automatically like explained in example after creating RBE2 spider my computer won't able perform after step3 save and exit if i try manually input my interface nodes by tool>> find >> nodes >> number on clicking ok facing error on flex-preparation
  10. *** ERROR # 176 *** A dependent d.o.f. of rigid elements is constrained in an SPC set. grid id = 1 component = 1 SPC set id = 0 what is this?
  11. what value i have to put in interface node list and other like cut0ff type and values . will i tick perform stress recovery and strain recovery
  12. i know that one but i m need to do further optimization after analysis that why i imported my file to hyper mesh then mesh is generated and RBE2 created where i will join suspension in hyper view from where i get load .Mnf file then again i use this for optimization in Optistruct. my objective
  13. my file is in .hm format how can i convert or what to do to get .fem so that i will follow other steps which is available in tutorials
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