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  1. Sreeram Mohan

    Implementing while and for loop

    Hi Nit, Here is a simple Embed diagram of one possibility that should demonstrate the timedelay block. In this case i added a 5 second but could be any other as well. There are also other ways for instance : 1) You could rely on the runcount and setup the step time of a diagram . 2) Use a statechart and do a software counter and trigger right events from a state chart . Hope this helps ! --sreeram timdelay.vsm
  2. Sreeram Mohan

    dynamic connector names

    Just to be very precise and provide an answer. One could in the event function of blockset in Embed look for event " WM_VSM_CONNECTOR_NAME" and return the needed name for the label. This is already supported in the DLL wizard. Hope this helps ! --sreeram
  3. Sreeram Mohan

    SPWM on DSO using VisSim and LAUNCHXL-F28027

    Hi Priya, Could you please post in your .vsm diagram file so that we could get an understanding on what is happening ? Thanks --sreeram
  4. Sreeram Mohan

    Need to implement shift Register 74hc595

    Hi Athiesh, You can use a combination of a constant block that accepts a matrix and feed it through to a buffer block. The buffer block could output at every time step and this should do the job. Please let me know if you need additional help. Thanks, Sreeram Mohan