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  1. Can you send us a snapshot of the error log ? --sreeram
  2. Hi Minal, There are no attachments to this post. Could you please post the same. --sreeram
  3. Hi Erich, Could you please attach the modified batch file ? Also indicate the comport number that the redboard shows on your PC ? --sreeram
  4. Hi, As a workaround please follow the below steps and I hope you should be able to get the hex file downloaded from Embed on the redboard that you have. 1) Navigate to the directory where Embed is installed. The default location is C:\Altair\Embed2019\cg 2) Look for a file called downloadToArduino.bat and back up and make a copy so that you can revert in case there are issues modifying it. 3) Open the above batch file in a text editor like notepad and in line number 3 you would see set COMNUM=%2 4) Edit the above line to replace %2 with the comport number of your board for example if your redboard comport number is COM12 then set COMNUM=12 5) Save the file and now when you generate code from Embed and then try to download the hex file you should be able to get the hex file onto the target. Please let me know if you need further help with this --sreeram
  5. Dear Jake, We still don't support the ESP-Wrover-Kit. We will definitely investigate the same for future ! --sreeram
  6. Dear Erich, Could you please post in the issue that you see as a snapshot ? Could you also double click on the Target Config block and let us know if the auto detect utility recognizes the redboard and the corresponding comport ? Thanks, --sreeram
  7. Hi Nit, Here is a simple Embed diagram of one possibility that should demonstrate the timedelay block. In this case i added a 5 second but could be any other as well. There are also other ways for instance : 1) You could rely on the runcount and setup the step time of a diagram . 2) Use a statechart and do a software counter and trigger right events from a state chart . Hope this helps ! --sreeram timdelay.vsm
  8. Just to be very precise and provide an answer. One could in the event function of blockset in Embed look for event " WM_VSM_CONNECTOR_NAME" and return the needed name for the label. This is already supported in the DLL wizard. Hope this helps ! --sreeram
  9. Hi Athiesh, You can use a combination of a constant block that accepts a matrix and feed it through to a buffer block. The buffer block could output at every time step and this should do the job. Please let me know if you need additional help. Thanks, Sreeram Mohan
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