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  1. Hello Rahul, Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes I know that thing, I want to create coordinate systems with different orientations and then assign them separately, I dont know how to create the coordinate systems with different orientations (for eg. 0degrees, 45degrees , 90 degrees so on). How can i create it? Thanks and Regards, Amey
  2. And is it not possible to create different coordinate systems (with different orientations) for solid elements
  3. And is it not possible to create different coordinate systems (with different orientations) for solid elements, is it just possible with plies?
  4. I am trying to simulate the additive manufacturing process, so i have to use solid elements and along with that 3d auto tetra mesh is best for solid elements, as i want to do an automesh.
  5. Hey Prakash, thanks a lots for the reply. I have another doubt, I am working on a 3D tetra meshed model, where i want to assign the material with different fiber angles. I wanted it to do with 3D elements, with including the contact non linearity. Is it possible. I know i can can orient the solid element in the PSOLID property. But how can I create 3 properties and 3 coordinate systems one for each orientation (4 coordinate system 0cs, 45cs, and 90cs) I dont know how to create new coordinate system and how to apply them, how can i create different coordinate systems and how can i apply it to my part. Also I dont just need for the above mentioned 3 angles, i will need it for any angle possible, so it would be good if you can suggest me on that as well please suggest. Thanks & regards, Amey
  6. Hello, Attached you can find the model I am working on. It is 3d tetra meshed, after meshing i intend to apply material orientation. But i have some doubts, I select the material orientation as by vector, i wanted to know what coordinates should i define for N1,N2,N3 and base so that it will define the material orientation in 0,45 and 90 degrees or how do the coordinates of N1,N2,N3 work for any defined angle. Thanks in advance Amey
  7. By material building direction i mean, unlike in injection molding we can find how the plastic fills the mold. We provide a gate through which the plastic will start filling inside the mold and the product is manufactured, this complete process is simulated and analysed (I have a attached a sample about the same). I am trying to simulate and analyse the same thing here with steel, and this process is called additive manufacturing (3D Printing). I want to know whether it is possible in Hyperworks to do that. Thanks and Regards Amey
  8. Okay, thanks a lot. I have another question, is it possible to simulate material building direction (Unlike in mold flow simulation, suppose from x-direction then again with y-direction and so on), I am trying to work on that in Hypermesh with my product. I want to do the analysis of the same product with different material building directions. Thanks and Regards, Amey
  9. Hi @Prakash Pagadala Yes, it is isotropic material, identical values of properties in all directions
  10. Hello, I am using 316L (1.4404) Stainless Steel (MAT1)
  11. Hey Prakash, Thanks a lot for the reply, I did as you mentioned, but my next question is I have to compare the analysis results with different material orientations (which will show the material building direction for additive manufacturing) so how can I get those results using the Optistruct analysis. I tried the above method and then did the Optistruct analysis but I am getting the same displacement and element stress behaviour of the product for the x,y,z material orientation directions, am I making some mistake or this method wont work with Optistruct? Thanks, Amey Dholam
  12. Hello, I am doing a product simulation using Optistruct. My main aim is to find how the process results change according to the different material orientations, I am trying to simulate the additive manufacturing process. I have some problems now. I did the meshing using 3d tetra mesh, applied the boundary conditions, applied the loads, I get the analysis results for the respective loading cases. Now next I have apply the 3 material orientation directions (x,y,z) which will show the material deposition direction. I did that using the 2d>>composites>>material orientation, now my question is...is this the correct way, because I am getting the same results in analysis after doing this or am I doing something wrong. Does this have to do anything with the coordinate system, do I have to define a new coordinate system and then use the material orientation. I cannot share my model. Thanks in advance, Amey
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