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  1. May i know way to find Node ID in the display example : In Dynamic min max result measure panel value and node id will be displayed. I need to get those values. Thanks in advance
  2. Any one having idea how to automate complex curves in hypergraph ? Getting incorrect vector when trying to access "yp" and "ym".Please correct below code if any issue proc release_handles { lst_handles } { foreach handle $lst_handles { catch { $handle ReleaseHandle } } return } hwi OpenStack; hwi GetSessionHandle hwISession hwISession GetProjectHandle hwIProject hwISession GetDataFileHandle hwIDataFile "C:/Users/vreddy26/My_Work_Space/HYPERMESH/2018_WORK/Naveen_DriveShaft/Analysis_4_Axle_Whine/P703_2p0_Panther_Value_E_MT88_4x2_3p73_Response_Drive.pch" set filepath "C:/Users/vreddy26/My_Work_Space/HYPERMESH/2018_WORK/Naveen_DriveShaft/Analysis_4_Axle_Whine/P703_2p0_Panther_Value_E_MT88_4x2_3p73_Response_Drive.pch" #SUBCASE 102 Acc At Axle flange set SubcaseSelected "SUBCASE 101" hwIDataFile SetSubcase $SubcaseSelected set DataTypeList [ hwIDataFile GetDataTypeList ] set XDataType [ lindex $DataTypeList 0 ] set YDataType [ lindex $DataTypeList end-1] set YRequest [ hwIDataFile GetRequestList $YDataType false ] set YComponentList [ hwIDataFile GetComponentList $YDataType $YRequest ] set YCompSelected "" #time being setting to 3(z-axis) set Axis 3 if {$Axis == 1} { set YCompSelected [lrange YComponentList 0 0] } elseif {$Axis == 2} { set YCompSelected [lrange YComponentList 1 1] } elseif {$Axis == 3} { set YCompSelected [lrange YComponentList 2 2] } hwIProject GetPageHandle hwIPage 1 hwIPage GetWindowHandle hwIWindow 1 hwIWindow SetClientType "Plot" hwIWindow GetClientHandle hwIPlot hwIPlot SetBackgroundColor 1 hwIPlot SetFrameColor 1 hwIPlot GetLegendHandle Legend Legend GetFontHandle FontHand FontHand SetFamily "Arial Black" FontHand SetStyle "Bold" FontHand SetSize 10 hwIPlot SetChartType complex hwIPlot AddCurve ri hwIPlot GetCurveHandle hwICurve [ hwIPlot GetNumberOfCurves ] hwICurve GetVectorHandle xVector x hwICurve GetVectorHandle ypVector yp hwICurve GetVectorHandle ymVector ym yp and ym objs referring to data extraction class( pulIDataExtractor )
  3. Hi, I need to plot a dynamic MinMax Result for a component This is how i am doing hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle sess sess GetProjectHandle proj sess New proj GetPageHandle page [proj GetActivePage] page SetActiveWindow 1 page GetWindowHandle win 1 win SetClientType "Animation" win GetClientHandle cli win GetViewControlHandle vw set model_id [cli AddModel "C:/Users/vreddy26/My_Work_Space/HYPERMESH/2018_WORK/Naveen_DriveShaft/Analysis_3_Dynamic_Stress_Sweep/Max_stress/Stress_imbalance_cogmass_latest_imbal_load_wo_damper_TPV.h3d";] cli GetModelHandle model $model_id model SetResult "C:/Users/vreddy26/My_Work_Space/HYPERMESH/2018_WORK/Naveen_DriveShaft/Analysis_3_Dynamic_Stress_Sweep/Max_stress/Stress_imbalance_cogmass_latest_imbal_load_wo_damper_TPV.h3d" model GetResultCtrlHandle res res GetContourCtrlHandle cntr cntr GetLegendHandle lgnd win SetClientType "Animation" page GetAnimatorHandle animator set subcase 1 set str_dataType "Element Stresses (2D)" set str_dataComp "Von Mises Stress" model GetSelectionSetHandle Sets 1 model MaskAll system model MaskAll part model UnMask [Sets GetID] res SetCurrentSubcase $subcase set n_step [expr [animator GetNumberOfSteps]-1] animator SetCurrentStep $n_step #clh$j Draw cntr SetSelectionSet [Sets GetID] cntr SetDataType $str_dataType cntr SetDataComponent $str_dataComp cntr SetAverageMode Simple cntr SetEnableState true cli Draw animator SetAnimationMode "transient" page StartAnimation #WORKING FINE UP TO HERE### #Plotting Graph###########ISSUE IS FROM HERE page SetLayout 1 set window_idx 2 page GetWindowHandle win2 $window_idx win2 SetClientType "Plot" cli GetMeasureList cli GetMeasureHandle m1 2 m1 SetDisplayMode max true set measure_item_idx 0 m1 AddDynamicCurveToPlot $measure_item_idx "y_comp" win2 cli Draw Its drawing only one point.How can i correct this for proper plot. Do i need to add anything Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Is there any utility or command in hyper mesh commands to create Tie -contact surfaces. Here input will be two components and it has to create tie contact in b/w them. Thanks in advance vidyadhar
  5. When trying to execute hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle sess in hyperview its throwing error invalid command name " hwi". Thanks in advance.
  6. sorry I want to split the page in to 6 windows through customization. Thanks vreddy
  7. I want to create 6 views in hyper view and load models in to each view. Thanks vreddy
  8. Hi, Can any one know how to find adjacent elements of node in hyper view. Thanks in advance
  9. How good is batch mesher with complex geometry ?? Thanks vidyadhar
  10. Thanks tinh try option -font {Arial 14} When i try to use above option its throwing error hwtk::label $w.d.a11 -text " Engine " -font {Arial 14} -help "Text label with flat relief" pack $w.d.a11 -side left -padx 0 -pady 2 unknown option "-font" Thanks ..
  11. Hi, In the below command how to increase font size. hwtk::label $w.d.a11 -text " Engine " -help "Text label with flat relief" pack $w.d.a11 -side left -padx 0 -pady 2 Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi tinh,

    You gave me  this for opening ruled panel.


    Try below ;)


    set script ""

    foreach id $components {

         append script *displaynone \n "*displaycollector comps on \[hm_getcollectorname comps $id\] 1 1" \n "hm_callpanel ruled" \n


    hm_setpanelproc $script



    *** How abt after opening ruled panel

    1. creating some mesh 

    2.Move that to same component.(where this move commands I have to place in loop)


    Thanks & Regards,



    ###########Sorry  I got it Thanks

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