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  1. glai

    Verify a volume

    Hello, in Flux you have a windows that you can open at the bottom of the screen. I attached a view of these python command windows. On the windows 2, you will find each command for each operation done in Flux. In the windows 1, you can paste this command and execute it by clicking on the green arrows. So the solution, was to do the import as you did before (in the modeler). You will copy the command found in windows 2 in the 1. Open a new project, leave the modeler, and execute the command. It will be not the same function as you're not in the same context. After that you will be able to modify each point of your geometry. Best regards,
  2. glai

    Verify a volume

    Hello, that depends the way you used to import the step file. I think you use the modeler import. In flux, there is no prohibition, however, some command should infect your project : - When you use the modeler (import, or creating a block, whatever in the modeler), you have to use only the modeler to modify your geometry. So, when you leave the modeler, the only command possible in standard context are "create infnite box" and complete infinite box" => In fact, when you leave the modeler, Flux create a CAD file (geomACIS.SAT), and during the solving flux check this file. If there is difference (=that signify that you used command in standard context : point creation, build volume or anything elese), you will have error on your result. However there is solution to import in the standard context. (at this moment, you have to keep in mine that you can't enter in the modeler, you have to stay in the standard context). With this way you can modify each point, build face, build volume etc.. To do that, you have to use the python command. When you import the STEP file in the modeler, you can find the command (in Pyflux command windows on the right). You close the project, create a new one, leave the modeler, and execute the same command in the standard context. Unfortunetly, this way is the old one, and we can't guaranty that this command will run with complex geometry. If there is problem don't hesitate to contact us on Flux_Support_Emea@altair.com Hope that will help you, Guillaume
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