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  1. How do you give Loads for uniformly varying loads or uniformly distributed loads on 1D elements in Hypermesh?
  2. Hi, Thank you for replying. I have to maintain a particular inlet pressure and an outlet mass flux as per the problem. In AcuSolve, I have only seen mass flux option for outflow in advanced boundary conditions page. Or, Is there any other method to specify these boundary conditions to the solver? Also, I have one more doubt regarding setting of interface boundary in AcuSolve. Can we have an interface boundary for non matching faces in AcuSolve? If yes, how can we set it and how does AcuSolve consider the non matching faces?
  3. HI, I am new to ACUSOLVE. I have a flow problem in which I have assigned a pressure inflow and an outflow with mass flux using advanced boundary condition. When I try to run the solver, I am getting an error stating " multiple surface integrated condition at outlet" I don't understand the actual sense of this error since as far as I know, we can simulate a case with an inflow pressure and outflow mass flux. I have done similar cases in ANSYS Fluent. If somebody knows how to rectify this problem, please let me know asap. Thanks in advance.
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