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  1. Hi, I have a model of a breast that should be deformed between two plates. I have tried various variations using the PCONT card, CNTSTB, and EXPERTNL with CNTSTB and I still cannot get the model to produce results. I have tried increasing the NINC card as well to not avail. The top plate will move but it is not interacting with the breast to have it spread across the bottom plate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I receive the below error when I try to run my tcl script in hmbatch mode. This same script however will run when I run it inside of Hypermesh using the scripting toolbar and gets no errors. I would like to run this in batchmode. 



    ======Shell AR Distribution: max=3.91=====

       [AR=1~1.5]: et cnt=200

       [AR=1.5~2.25]: et cnt=552

       [AR=2.25~3.38]: et cnt=35

       [AR=3.38~5.06]: el cnt=1


    8 #0 star shape failed at enclosed stage


    Any suggestions? I have attached the tcl script. 


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