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  1. Hi all, New year wishes to forum members Can anyone tell how static simulation can be done for 2 wheeler wheels
  2. Thank you for the reply. Model is equivalenced. No duplicate elements/surfaces No free edges too. Still getting duplicate surfaces in acu-console
  3. Hi all, I am Naveen Raj. I am facing some problems when doing flow analysis for wheels in Acu-solve I am getting duplicate surfaces when model is imported into acu-console Imported file type is .nas type
  4. Hi Mr.Johnson, In the attached image, floor mass of 6ton is applied on the tire Spring properties were given for tire, stiffness value calculated from load vs displacement curve Imposed displacement of 212 mm applied to the floor Analysis is done for no inflation. Stress is not being transformed from tire to disc same done for tire inflated condition getting stress distribution from tire to rim (ex - 4barsi inflation pressure) Is any changed required in tire stiffness property? Floor to tyre contact is given type 7 contact Should any change to be done for floor - tyre contact stiffness Regards, Naveen
  5. Hi, Any clarification on this query?
  6. Hi Mr.Gopal, Thank you for the reply Can be done in transient. We are planning to do in optistruct. Steel property defined for wheel. Rubber property to be defined for tire What material card can be defined for rubber property in optistruct (Suggest us in material card and basic properties) Load is given using rigid element at disc centre Contact between ground and tyre defined(need clarification on defining contacts) Image attached for your reference
  7. Hi Johnson, Kindly find the image sent to you in drop box Wheel with tyre assembly is given load at center by using rigid element Ground defined as shown in the image. Contact defined between tyre & Ground How this type of analysis can be done in optistruct
  8. Hi Johnson, Thanks for the clarification provided How imposed displacement can be given in RADIOSS Is there any tutorial/example for giving imposed displacement
  9. Hi Johnson, Thanks for clarification. Will carry out analysis as per your suggestion and will revertt
  10. Hi Mr.Johnson, Sure file has been shared. Control volume defined to introduce inflation pressure effect (Control volume created as "SURF") Pressure load given by creating contact surface Getting error as "Rupture of shell element"
  11. Hi Mr.Johnson, Yes for steel M36 plas john material i defined (Eps_max) 1e30. Default value fore that card
  12. Hi Mr.Johnson, I have not defined any interface. I created equivalence between nodes. Gave pressure by creating contact surface. Getting elenet rupture though sigma max is set @ 500 MPa. why this occurs?
  13. Hi johnson, Thanks for the clarification When giving pressure load in block 140 getting error as "rupture of shell element" How pressure load can be given in block 140 & how the error can be avoided?
  14. Hi Johnson, Tried with element type to quad4N. radioss file which i sent you is with quad4N element type Error i am getting is Error in input consistency" "Quad are not compatible with N2D3D=0" Kindly assist in solving this issue
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