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  1. No, I don't think the vector need to be unified anymore. I think the first picture I posted in the question is correct. It's not wrong. First I thought that the pressure value I import to HyperMesh will maintain its value(include the sign) so that, the vector should be unified. But then when recheck the imported pressure value. It's all positive, so the vector of the negative one must be at the opposite direction.
  2. Oh, so it's because of the negative pressure value which caused the reversed vector. I got it. Thank you so much to help me out. I'm very grateful!
  3. Hi I did as you told, I choose the pressure in loads and only update the vector. I got the pressure field all are acting on the outer surface. But then I noticed that the magnitude for the pressure seems to be multiplied to 10^4 times, not the original one. I also send the picture illustrated what I done in the update. Could you tell me, what I've done wrong please? Thank you so much!
  4. Thank you so much for your answers! Yes the different pressure between upper face and lower face make lift, but the problem I got here is that the pressure is not all acting on the outer surface. I have rechecked the CFD pressure again as you told me (even though I've check it multiple times before). This problem is so weird, I used the pressure file to import into other model, and it's find, all the pressure is acting on the outer surface. Don't know why it's different for this model.
  5. Hi, thank you for your help. I've done what you told me. But In the update radio button, there is no option for linear interpolation. So after a reverse normal of element with red color outward, I recreated the pressure. And the result is opposite. And not all the pressure is acting on the outer surface as you can see in the picture below. What else can I do to fix it? Please!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm doing a analysis to find the displacement and stress on a wing under the pressure field. And I imported the pressure field using linear interpolation with the data export from Ansys. And I have encountered a problem, the pressure field supposed to act in the outer surface of the wing skin. But instead only a part of the pressure is acting in the outer surface,other part acting in the inner surface of the wing. Could anyone tell me, why is that happening? And how can I correct it? I would be very grateful to receive your answers. Please help me out! Thank you so much! P/s: I have uploaded here, the picture of my problem, the .hm file, and the pressure file, if you need to see it. 6-9.hm pressure8-6.csv
  7. Oh, that looks great. Thank you so much!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm trying to import the pressure distribution around a wing from a file csv by using linear interpolation in pressure tab. I've expected the pressure field to act around the wing surface. But the after the pressure is created, the pressure field is acting in the inner surface of the wing ( you can see the picture I attached below). Why is that happening? And how can I change the direction of the pressure distribution, so that, it act around the outer surface of the wing? Could you guys help me please? I'm very appriciated any help I can get. Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to your respond! P/s: I've also attached the .hm file and the pressure.csv file pressure-4.csv wing.hm
  9. Hello every one, I'm running a free size optimization and getting this error. Could some one help me out please? The error is: *** ERROR # 789 *** Invalid design properties w.r.t. the design variables were found. number of invalid property items = 1 Thank you so much for you help! I'm looking forward to your answer! P/s: I've also attached the output file below if you guys need to see it. 13_5_sizing.out
  10. I got it. Thank you so much for helping me out. I'm very appreciated!
  11. Thank you! Could you please suggest me, should I use 3D element for my free size optimization of the H beam and wing rib or should I use the 2D element instead?
  12. Hi, thank you for you answer! I've re assigned the property but I still get that error. Could you suggest me more please? Thank you very much!
  13. Hi, I'm running a wing structure optimization, and I've encountered a problem. I don't know what I did wrong? Could someone please help me please! Here's the error: C:/Users/Trung/Documents/HM13.fem "CTRIA3 41636 0 41835 41831 41839" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you very much! P/s: I also attached the file if you need to see it. wingstructopt.hm
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