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  1. Hi Rahul R, Thank you for the answer, but i did not get it. I can run with Abaqus command, the thing is, i want to add more parts to the knee assemblies. I need it in CAE Abaqus or in Hyperworks Cheers
  2. Knee Extension Testing .zipHi there, I have a problem to open these input files in Hypermesh. The user who generated the input files said, it was developed using Hypermesh. However, when I import to the Hypermesh, I ve got errors and warning. These files was generated for Abaqus CAE. So, because of some problems during converting, it cannot open in Abaqus CAE. Anyone can help me? Please. I ve attached the files here. Also you can download it from the link here. http://digitalcommons.du.edu/natural_knee_data/1/ DUO1 - >Finite Element Model for Knee Extension Testing (4.3 MB) Knee Extension Testing .zip
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