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  1. Hi Fedra, Can you please let me know how to map the force load. It will be very helpful if you can share some document. Regards, Kishore C
  2. Dear All, Iam performing Electromagnetic analysis using Flux tool for Compressor clutch assembly. By Flux transient analysis I have generated the electromagnetic force on area of interest component armature. My next level analysis is to extract the electromagnetic force on the Armature component and map on to the optistruct meshed armature deck and run for static case. I have attached two files one is Deck from flux. Another file is Hm file where the armature is meshed. In the flux generated deck i couldn't import in optistruct due to some error. Please help me first in solving this error and then later let me know the procedure to map the force on to the armature. Regards, Kishore C 9952970595 ONE_FORCESCOMPUTATION_2.7z Model_Reoriented_Scaled.hm
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