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  1. Oh nice I totally forgot about that option ! Thanks for the rapidity ! Regards
  2. Hi, I'd like to create points in a different coordinates system than the origin one but I can't find the option. For example I create a marker, I orient it with angles compared to the origin, then I would like to create points in the coordinate system of the new marker. How can I do it without doing manually all the cosinus/sinus transformations ? Thanks !
  3. Hi, I try to make variable points coordinates using the VARVAL function but I always get "Error Evaluating". I basically created a Solver Variable (Value : Lin = 1000) and then I use VARVAL expression in the point coordinates, which points on the .id of the solver variable but always the same message "Error Evaluating". It works on Forces but not on points. I know it's possible in Adams so I think it's possible with Altair ! Thanks !
  4. Hi ! I was wondering if the bushing element was a good way to design bearing stiffness (trans+rot) in MotionView ? If no what is the best way ? Thanks !
  5. Hi ! I have a model in which I want to extract some forces in a truss, the problem is the SPCF/GPForce/MBForce are not working in the GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST Card. I can extract Disp/Stress/Strain but no Forces... No files are written (op2, h3d etc...) I'm in a transient simulation. Any idea ? Thanks !
  6. Thanks guys the problem was the number of points on the curve, I put 5 of them and it's alright !
  7. I'm not allowed to share my models but i created a very simple one with the same principle and the same issue... test.mdl So I guess I don't use the joint properly...
  8. I have two curves which are created with the entity curve, and these two curves are linked to each PTCV... Maybe it's not the correct entity for this kind of Joint ? I tried with Spline but PTCV can't detect splines when I have to select the curve...
  9. My curve (Joint1) is well referenced in the advanced joint, see pic below. That's why I don't know why it can't make any link between the PTCV and this curve... The model is made 2 PTCV and 2 curves (1 curve for each PTCV)
  10. Hello ! I have a little issue, might be very easy to fix for you guys I want to create a point to curve joint, so I declare the two bodies, the point and the curve. But when I start the simulation I've got this issue : "ERROR: Param curve of PTCV joint [id=301001] not found!" Like it doesn't find the curve, but all seem to be well create (see pic) : the blue bar has to translate along the red line, simple as that ! The curve is defined as in the pic. I tried every combinations with the properties without effect... Thanks for the help guys !
  11. Thanks for your answer, I'll take a look at this tutorial, I didn't see it spoke about my problem
  12. Hello everyone, First of all I wish you an Happy New Year My question is about the use of the Modal Force in MV. I want to reuse a pressure on a plate I created in HM, but after the transformation in a FlexBody, I can't see the Load ID in the Properties Panel of the ModalForce. Even if I create a LoadCase with the Pressure in it. In HM I create a basic pressure on a set of elements. It's just a basic pressure on a plate. I read that the ModalForce entity acts like a scale of the force we create in HM, is that right ? Any idea to help me ? Thanks !
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