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  1. Sir How to check for redundancy/over constraint in model. and how to remove this without changing the model behaviour.
  2. I have increased the element size around 5 times than previous but same error is there again.
  3. 1. Importing the step file into Motion View. 2. It opens into Hypermesh. 3. I did the 2d- auto mesh and after completing the auto mesh. 4. I clicked on Utility- Save and quit. Then it shows the error H3D file not generated. Node exceeds more than 100000.
  4. Sir I have tried both options and it is showing the same error again.
  5. For AoC Multi-body dynamics problem statement. While importing the geometry from Import Geometry(Motion view>Hypermesh>automesh>Utilitymenu>Save and Quit> Motion view). It shows an error of student edition.
  6. How to select the maximum displacement nodes.
  7. While creating the responses in optimization for static displacement response we have to select the nodes. please tell me what nodes are to be select.
  8. I am trying to do the analysis but in the result panel, it is only showing the result on NON-Design space. And both design and non-design space are not connected. How to connect both of them.
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