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  1. hey Prakash thanks for the help. one more problem is there when I do size optimization of a simple plate there no error came and the result is clearly in hyperview. but when I do perform the same thing on a different structure it is not showing the result. Here I'm sending the ".hm" file of my problem. can you please see n tell me where I had done wrong. single_lug_2D_size.hm
  2. Hi, I have done a topology optimization on a small component and want to do size optimization on the obtained resulted structure. So How can I export model (after removing the desired material) to hypermesh?
  3. I want to perform a fatigue analysis for 4000 cycles on a aircraft component. But I couldn't find any videos related to fatigue analysis, Can anyone please help me on that as what are the steps? thank you
  4. How should can I transfer my model after topology and size optimization from hyperview to CATIA V5 and again back to Hypermesh after editing the model? Thanks alot in advance
  5. Thanks Prakash! It takes a bit of time to run, but works without an error now.
  6. Ohh! Thank you Prakash.. I thought that It would be sufficient to give the max stress value through Analysis>>Optimization>>topology>>parameter only.
  7. Thank you Prakash, for replying me on my query. Here I have attached the ".hm" and ".fem" file of my component. Can you please check it and tell me what is wrong I had done.
  8. I am doing a topology optimization on a Aircraft wing-fuselage lug. And it also optimize the component without any error in its ".out" file. But when I check the results in Hyperview of its last 20th iteration, it is completely removing my design space material. So should I take the resulted component from 9th or 10th iterative solution or Is it because the stress induced is very less than the max stress constraint applied or I'm doing any thing wrong? Please anyone guide me. Thankyou
  9. I have to perform a topology optimization on a simple rectangular lug as like shown in fig., only the thickness is comparatively large. I have divided the lug in to two part from centre: one is designing space and another is non-designing space. And taken stress as dconstraint. But while compiling following errors are coming: "Stress/strain/force response is applied to topology or free-size domain for stress-constrained topology or free-size optimization, Please use STRESS option on the design variable definition card." So please anyone how should I correct this error... THANK YOU
  10. Error coming during compiling an static analysis problem, It is showing: "Invalid to use free id grid as an independent id grid in RBE3 data. Free spiders are not allowed to be independent grid in RBE3 data. RBE3 id = 5527 free grid id = 5959 weighted components = 123 " How should I correct this error? Please anyone tell me. Thanks alot in advance.
  11. Hi, I want to design a plate fixed at one end and load applied at the opposite edge made for different components (not overlapping but are joined from edge) having different material, size and thickness. The problem is I don't know how to connect them form end to end. Please any one can help me how to do it. Thanks alot in advance.. Prateek
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