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  1. Hello, I was trying to union geometry parts and I have the following error "Face imprinting operation failed in union". I also tried CAD repairing tools but I still have the error Could anyone say, the meaning of this error? What is it meant by and how could it be solved ? Thanks Sra
  2. Hallo Everyone, Is it possible to fill or cover a non planar curve in FEKO. [indetail: I wnat to make nonplanar curve to surface model] Could anyone please provide me some suggestions regarding this. I also attached the correspoding model. Regards, Sra Curve_Nonplanar.cfx
  3. I thought that there should be no change as the antenna is not connected to the car. But now I realized that there should be a change. I made a mistake in CST [ Actually CST was not considering the car body as a PEC material and when I changed to PEC ] now the results from both tools are correct. The problem is solved. Thanks to Johan and Peter for your time.
  4. Hi Peter, Currently I dont have any Impedance plots. I requested only currents in the simulation.
  5. Hi Johan, Yes what you said is right. With CST I have same results and with FEKO I have different results. Please see the simulation results from the attached files . For reference I also attached a figure showing how the windscreen is placed. [Note: There is no connection between windscreen and chasis] Regards, Sravan
  6. Hello, I was simulating a windscreen antenna in FEKO using windscreen solution and I got the results as I expected. I used a plane wave as a source and calculated the currents at the windscreen antenna by placing a wire port between two wires. But when I introduce a CAR into the model, and simulate the windscreen antenna along with the car then I do have different results. I am not sure why? I performed the same process in other tool (CST) and I got the results what I expected. But in FEKO they are different. I am not sure whether I need to consider any special settings in case a car model is introduced in FEKO. Could you please give me any suggetsions ?
  7. Sra

    Error In Feko

    Hello JIF, Thanks for the reply. Actually there was a problem in my model and now it is solved
  8. Sra

    Error In Feko

    Hello, I am simulating a windscreen antenna in Feko and I got such kind of error "Wrong orientation of the normal vector in connection with windscreen reference triangles" I am not sure what is meant by that. Could anyone please say me what does the error mean or can anyone give me an explanantion regarding this kind of error. Thanks, Sra
  9. Hi Johan, Thanks a lot for your help. I will follow the example. Regards, Sravan
  10. Hello, I would like to calculate S-parameters for an Pyramid absorber which is used in anechoic chamber. But I am not sure about the port and boundary conditions to be used. I used a waveguide port, but I got a warning saying that The modes at a waveguide port are all evanescent. If anyone has information or an example file, could you please let me know. Thanks
  11. Hello JIF, Again Thanks for your reply. I modeled the coaxial cable according to my specifications, I sorted this out.
  12. Sra

    CAD Modeling in feko

    Normally I would like to assign the wire (winding) with a certain wire radius. So I used an ellipse to 'pathsweep' the complete winding. I also changed some of the for loop in the script inorder to get what I need. Doing this, avoids some of the intersections, but during the transition of layer 'X' to layer 'y' there is an intersection which is only visible when I assing a certain wire radius. I have an idea of increasing the height of the wire at the corner only where intersection occurs but I am out of ideas. I have attached my model and script. Coil.lua Coil_mod.cfx
  13. Sra

    CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi JIF, I have a small problem regarding the script. There is always an intersection of wires in the top and bottom part of the winding (to say specifically: at the transition from layer x to layer y). If I just look at the wires there is not any intersection, but when i sweep the wire with an ellipse of certain radius or mesh it with a wire radius then there is an intersection of wires in the top and bottom. I tried myself changing the for loop but still the same problem occurs again. Could you please say how can i define parameters at the transition of layers.
  14. Sra

    CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi JIF, Thanks a lot for yor suggestions and providing me necessary suggestions. It was really helpful for me. I think I can continue now further
  15. Sra

    CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi JIF, Unfortunately I couldnot implement the code according to my requirements. If possible could you please go through the script and make necessary corrections. The script works but the shape of the winding is not what I expected. Could you go through it once again and provide me necessary suggestions? Thanks, LG, Sra Coil.cfx Coil_script.lua
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