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  1. I have meshed a 2-dimensional conjugate heat transfer model in Hypermesh and need to solve it in Fluent. I am not able to get the wall boundary condition between a solid and fluid as a coupled interface. It states in the Hypermesh tips for fluent document that we need to make the wall from ^edges and then when you export it to fluent it should create shadow zone automatically but this isn't working for me. I have tried with simple meshing without 2d BL meshes. I have tried with only one solid body in the fluid air but still I am not successful in getting a coupled wall. I tried it with CFD tetra mesh for a simple body in 3d with ^faces collector and it converted to shadow zone in fluent. Its only a problem with 2d i guess. Kindly help me with this problem and if anybody has a tutorial with a 2d solid to fluid contact coupled wall please do let me know. I need it for my mini thesis and I am just stuck at this part.
  2. Hi George, I have used these tips to build the model. And it is also getting realized by the Fluent. But my only problem is that the Boundary condition between a fluid and a solid generally shows as a Shadow which we can use the coupled option in thermal when you on the energy equations in the model in fluent. This option is not coming when I am exporting from Hypermesh. I am stuck there .. if you have any idea how to solve this problem please do let me know or even I can send you the model in hypermesh if you give me your email id.
  3. Hi, I am a student in RWTH Aachen univeristy. I am using Hypermesh engineering solutions for a mini thesis work. I am doing a 2 dimensional thermal fluid flow analysis. So i used hypermesh to make and mesh the model. The problem is while converting it to the Fluent the boundary condition doesnot recognise the interface between fluid and solid. In normal conversion from gambit it gives me a wall and wall- shadow in fluent... but in hypermesh it only recognises a wall and a wall-*** but there is no option of coupled in here for the thermal analysis. Can anyone please help me with this?
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