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  1. Hello, I wish to perform drop test using altair hyprmesh drop test manager. I am facing following attached issues. Please help me. If any tutorial or example for the same, please provide it.
  2. Hello, Error removed. Actully, In one of the Interface, I used SURF_EXT card image for slave instead of GRNOD. Dont know the exact reason of it. but run has been started. Thank you
  3. Hi Pranav, Please check the inbox. Thank you.
  4. Hello, How to solve this error. All shell elements are used. Error Id 55 Error in Input Format.
  5. Hi Prakash, What will be the boundary conditions for road transit conditions such as vibrations?
  6. Hi Prakash, Actually there is no theoretical model. Can u please suggest material law for Soap and boundary conditions for road transit?
  7. Harsh2610


    Hello, I wanted to do simulation for impact on Soaps while it is in Road Transit. Need to know, 1. Is there any material law for Soap? 2. For Road Transit condition, what will be my Boundary conditions? 3. Is it possible with Radioss?
  8. Hii Prakash, Any updates regarding my query.
  9. Hi Prakash, We are going for updated version but it will take time. Till then, is there any other option to solve my problem with current version?
  10. Hello, Any Updates? My every query end up with update version solution. Is it mean that previous versions are useless?
  11. I am using Hyperworks 13. 0. Is there any options available in my current version?
  12. Hello, I am working on a problem of Thermal expansion of plastic bottle when hot liquid filled in it. Is it possible with radioss or do I need to use optistrust? Is it possible to measure thermal expansion of bottle after hot filling? Is there any Tutorial, Please suggest. Need help regarding boundary conditions also.
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