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  1. Hi, it seems a periodicty problem. How you define the periodicty in your model?
  2. Thanks for the help! I had the same idea, so I tried building some macro and python command. The obstacle was in every attempts to have 2 parameters with the same name. There is a way to pass it? Grazie!
  3. You need LINKED mesh for those lines, because of the periodicity, the mesh must be exactly the same on both side of the motor. For doing that just create a new mesh line with type "linked" and assign that to the line on the side of the motor.
  4. Hi! When you import a FLUX object in your project, if there are common parameters, with the same name, the software automatically changes the name of one, adding suffix "001". For example: I have the parameter <H = 5> in my "toimport.FLU" project, and the same <H = 5> in my "main.FLU" project. When I import "toimport.FLU" in "main.FLU" he automatically create the parameters <H = 5> and <H001 = 5>. There is a way to not let FLUX doing this? i'd like to have only one parameter <H=5> for all the project. Grazie!
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