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  1. Hi Prakash, i replaced the attached script. Now i get a .stp file after i export, but it seems to be the original ply-geometry and not the flat shape geometry. Here are the steps that im doing: 1)Calculate ply 2)Review Ply, Review Option: Flat shape 3) I see a blue line, which should indicate the flat shape 4) I go to Export, Set Working directory, select Ply 1 that i have calculated and click apply. Where is my mistake? Edit: Maybe i have explained it wrong: I would like to export the flat shape geometry, so that i can create a Drape-Ply-Book.
  2. Hello Prakash, i updated Hyperworks to the 2017 Version. Also i created an environment variable, set its name to "AERO_TOOLS" and set the Value to "1". Afterwards i started Hyperworks 2017.2. I rightclicked the Ply, selected "Drape" and then "Laminate Tools". When i try to calculate something, it says that "Laminate Tools is not installed on this Machine". Is this a Problem with our license, or do you have to buy this module seperately? When i use the "Drape Estimator" instead, im able to calculate some Properties for each ply. After reviewing the "Flat Shape" of a ply, i hit Export. Hyperworks sadly won't export anything to my set workdirectory. So i seem to have some new functions in this update, but im not able to use them properly. What could be the reason? Nik
  3. Hi Prakash, no problem! Thank you for responding to my problem. I am using Hyperworks 14.0. I'm not sure if this is a 2017+ Version. I'm going to try your suggestion. Thanks a lot! Edit: I asked our IT and figured that we have an 2017 update available. I will update and report if it solved my problem. Thank you.
  4. Dear @Prakash Pagadala, i hope you can find some time to reply to my question. Maybe you havent seen the previous reply. Thank you very much and kind regards, Nikolas
  5. Hi san, thank you so much. You really helped me out a lot. I am sure this thread will also help many other people, since there are almost no hyperform composite tutorials out there. Best regards, Nik
  6. Hi san, thank you sooo much. It worked like a charm. I dont want to steal your time, but im afraid that i have got another three questions. 1) Does it make sense to include resin into the simulation model as an extra ply to get additional information such as: "Do i have enough resin at this or that spot", "where do i have too much resin", etc.? In the tutorial http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_post_processing_composite_forming_results.htm they also seem to have plies that are called "resin 1" and "resin 2". How do i include them properly? Just add additional layers with different material properties? What material card do i use? Or is it enough to just use "friction: 0.125" between the blanks to simulate the resin? 2) In the process that you sent me, you are using binders. In the youtube video they are using this frame with springs attached to it, to hold the organic sheet in place. What would be the best way to simulate that kind of holding force of such a frame? 3) Is it possible to use woven material or is only UD possible? And can i also add thermal effect to simulate hot stamping (as shown in the youtube video)? Or is this not really useful. Best regards, Nik
  7. Hi san, Thanks a lot for your help! The .rad files are only the result files, correct? Is it possible to send me the session file (.hf), so that i can understand how the process is configured inside of the program? Best regards, Nik
  8. Hi san, i attached the .hf file. I want to simulate a process like the one shown in this video: I would like to have e.g. 4 plies with different fiber orientation. I guess the influence of the temperature is too complex to add, but it would be nice to at least see where the organic sheet starts to wrinkle or developes high stresses due to the forming process. Also it would be great if i could view the single plies like in the model you gave to me. Again, thank you so much! Nik try1.hf
  9. Dear Santu, can you help me? Maybe you forgot this thread. All the best, Nik
  10. Dear Sir,


    is there a tutorial for composite forming with HyperForm? I am not able to find anything on the web. I am interested in fiber direction after forming, stresses and maybe resin-nests in production processes.


    Best regards,


    Nikolas Tsombanis

  11. Dear santhosh bhandari,


    I dont know if you have received my answer on the thread "Composite Forming Simulation", thats why i am writing to you directly. Your answer would help a lot and would be very very much appreciated! :-)


    Best regards,



  12. Dear Santu, thank you very very much for your input! This is exactly what i want. Can you please show me how to set up a model like this? This would be the solution to my project, you would help me so so so much. The perfect scenario in the end is to simulate a thermoforming process. So i somehow have to input heat into the organic sheet (all the layers together). Also the layers somehow need to have a friction contact between them, since in reality they are contacting each other by the plastified thermoplastic matrix. But first i want to build a model that looks like yours, where i can see the fibers moving in every layer, see possible wrinkles and stress inside of the layers. Thanks a lot and have a nice day, Nik
  13. i would also like to know if thermoforming simulation of continuous fiber composites is possible
  14. Hello everybody, i want to create a simple forming simulation with composite material. I want to form 2 plies, 0° and 90° fiber orientation. After the simulation, i want to see the fiber orientation etc., as shown here: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_post_processing_composite_forming_results.htm Is there any tutorial i can use? http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_setting_up_composite_forming_sim.htm This doesnt help, since its for sandwiches only. If there is no tutorial: - Where can i create the laminate? Do i just do this in the User-Process Tree or do i have to create a laminate in the Model-Tree and somehow apply it to my blank?
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