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  1. Hello, I encounter a problem when running Hyperstudy in batch mode in my university's computing server. I tried batch mode on my computer and it worked. But when I copy to the server, there were errors. Here's brief description of my model: 1. I use tpl model. 2. I want to use batch mode to run the approach "opt_3". opt_3 is copied from opt_1, but I disable some parameter in opt_1. 3. I disable the following execution checkbox of approaches nom, doe, opt_1,opt_2. Only enable opt_3. After copying xml and tpl file to server, I changed the content of <pathorigin> and <folder> tag in "xml" file.and got some error messages below: 1 Message: Settings location ( d:\Users\cc-161970\AppData\Local\Altair\HyperS tudySettings.xml ) 2 Warning: Could not find argument ( filenames ) in command ( Purge (cmd_purge) ) ... 7 Warning: Could not find argument ( archname ) in command ( Create Archive ( cmd_create_archive) ) ... 22 Error : No template file specified for model ( Model 1 (m_1) ) 23 Error : All model references must be resolved for ( Optimization 3 (opt_3) ) 24 Error : Validating optimization failed! 25 Error : AttributeError: 'GenRpt_Hst_Xls' object has no attribute '_intfXls I have several questions: 1. in message 1: There's no setting file in the shown path. Should I copy one from my computer to that path in sever? Or where could I change that setting location ? 2. for warning 2 and 7, do that matter? what should I do in the xml file? 3. about the errors, it seems the xml file cannot find tpl file. I already modified the path to where tpl is. What else I should do? I attach my files. If you could guide me a bit, I'll be really grateful. Many thanks, ChihPeng errorMessage.txt extension_4beams.tpl Study_1.xml extension_4beams.fem
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