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  1. Hi MN, You can do it by imposing some control cards or by changing the engine file. Although i Have not used in my case, you cay do it. You can find some help in reference guide regarding Implicit solvers and control cards. See the path in attached image. Also you can find some example file also. See this example: RD-E: 1602 IMPLICIT Solver Hope it helps. Thanking You.
  2. Hi MN, In another way you can define this problem setup. Define the initial time of the trajectory with implicit simulation and before impact make it explicit dynamic. Hope it will reduce your computation time using implicit card. Thanking You.
  3. Hi anqi, I hope you have applied the INVEL to all the nodes. Kindly check once the node connectivity between the solid and shell elements and try running the simulation to a longer duration (As I can see only 3e-3 sec of run time at last frame, which is small time to bring whole model to rest. [assuming unit system: mm, s, ton, N]). Kindly verify the initial velocity value also. Thanking You.
  4. Hi, You can use .tcl script for lower version for generation hydrostatic pressure. I think that can be available with your Altair support person.
  5. Hi aymanalsukhon Try applying hydrostatic pressure to it. If you are using HW version 18 than you can achieve this by using /INIGRAV/ control card. I hope after applying hydrostatic pressure it will behave properly.
  6. Hi, I want to simulate a fan rotation problem in radioss. I want the fan to be rotate in a particular rpm. As I know with imposed displacement with XX,YY or ZZ direction we can input it. But where to set the rpm as per requirement. Is there any options to define the rpm. kindly suggest.
  7. The ID 50903429 is the master node of RBody, and not the element ID. Here the node 50903429 is only OFF, but the BC should apply for rest of the nodes (i.e. 50000000 to 50903428) I modified the /BCS/TRA/Z/1 from : /BCS/TRA/Z/1 50000000 to 50903429 to /BCS/TRA/Z/1 50000000 to 50903428 but there is some unexpected behavior occurs.
  8. Thanking You @Prakash Pagadala Waiting for your reply.
  9. Hi @Prakash Pagadala Is the problem solved?
  10. Dear Prakash, It seems the skew is fine as the INIV/TRA/Y/1 card works fine with the same skew. as you suggested, the skew is in global direction only, no other skew applied. Thanking You.
  11. Hi, I simulated a ship collision analysis. Initially BCs applied to some nodes in all 6DOF till few time, later some of the BCs removed and only one BC applied in second Engine file. Initially the BCs were performed fine till 0.1sec (as attached in image for first Engine file). But in the second Engine file the applied BC (/BCS/TRA/Z/1) is not activated and the model starts moving along Z direction due to gravity. What is the most probable reason for this issue. Kindly resolve it.
  12. It seems You have applied the IMPVEL for rotational to each node. Try applying it on the master node of the blades centre.
  13. Hi, I have a ship model with COG coordinates and total displacement given to me with fully loaded condition. But in my model, I am not modelling each details. So I think I can achieve the total displacement of ship by adding admas to it. But my query: 1. How can I locate my COG point of whole model once all the setup is done. (I guess COG will not match with the given data as not modelling with minute details) 2. How can I change the COG point if it is not matching with the provided data. (Model is flexible, no rigid parts to be model). 3. How can I visualise the COG point before or after modification of coordinates. Thanking You.
  14. Hi George, Just for Information, the value of a, b & n is automatically generated by RADIOSS when we used LAW 2 with Iflag=1. In some other discussion you attached a file (named: b&n_Law2.xlsx) to calculate a, b & n. But when I am using that file to calculate the values it is not matching with the value auto calculated by RADIOSS. This is the out file generatid with a, b & n:
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