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  1. I have created a patch antenna that works, but I would like to round the corners of the patch. How would I go about creating patches with rounded corners?
  2. I'm looking to simulate a tall (free-standing) metal antenna tower near several buildings in WinProp. The buildings are easy to do in an urban scenario, but how best to include the tower?
  3. How can I create my own topo databases?
  4. When I display a Path Loss result in WinProp, it looks as if the antenna pattern is still visible in there. Shouldn't path loss be independent of the antenna gain in any given direction? It should only depend on geometry and materials and frequency, right?
  5. Does WinProp support models that have been adopted by 3GPP?
  6. I wish to use the Dominant Path Model at higher frequencies. How should I modify the settings under the Computation tab?
  7. What is the process of including the topography data of a city along with the buildings? Am I correct in assuming that topography data contains the information about the ground on which the city is located (as the ground is not always flat in real life). Does the topography data also contain the information about where is water, where is vegetation, what type of soil is present at a specific location on the map? If we don’t include the topography data in an Urban propagation analysis, is the ground always treated to be flat? Is the presence of a flat ground taken into account by adding some losses (internally by ProMan)?
  8. In MIMO simulations, how does WinProp take the Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC) into account? If I specify antenna gain patterns and antenna locations, is that enough or do I need to specify more details? What happens if I specify the same location for two antenna of a MIMO system?
  9. When one simulates Network Planning in ProMan, how does the tool decide on cell assignment? What are the criteria?
  10. In ProMan, when I define a receiving antenna under RunMS, how can I tell in which direction it is pointing? Note that I'm replacing the omni-directional antenna by an imported antenna pattern when I define the properties of the receiving antenna in ProMan.
  11. Where can I download topographical maps to be used in WinProp?
  12. Which formats does WinProp support for topographical maps?
  13. For which propagation models is preprocessing in WallMan required?
  14. How can I perform further post-processing on the radio-channel data that are computed by ProMAn?
  15. How can I create multi-floor buildings in WallMan?
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