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  1. Hello, thank you for your fast answer. Your advise helps me a lot. But do I have to model the airgab between two parts always, although the parts are in contact in reality? Regards, Magneto
  2. Hello all, I'm have build up a 3D model which 4 parts in it. This model I can mesh and solve without any problems. Now I had split 1 part into 3 party, because of different material behavoiurs. These three parts contact at the splitting surfaces. Because I was not able to mesh this geometry, I have insert a 0,5mm air gab between the parts. Now I can mesh the geometry, but without the infinitiy box. If i complete the infinity box first, it comes to a problem at meshing the volumes: "Meshing by inserting nodes has aborted. Please check mesh on lines: 331 43 44" My question is now: What can I do to avoid the meshing problems? Do I need the 0,5mm air gab between the parts? Thanks for your support. Magneto
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