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  1. Defining a fixed joint between two parts the origin point must be defined explicitly in motionview. Where do we have to define this point? does the location of the origin point for fixed joint effects the solution?
  2. Prakash Thank you for reply, but unfortunately I cant share the model. I can give you any detail you want. Thanks,
  3. I am running Non-Linear Quasi static analysis.
  4. Hello there, I am trying to model the gasket in an engine using MGASK. The contact between gasket and cylinder head should be set to Slide. However only freeze contact works. The slide or stick contacts does not converge. I tried Cntstab, ExpertNL, set NIN to 10, increased convergence criteria. None of them works. any comment on this issue would be appreciated. Thank you in advance !
  5. How can we perfom modal analysis in MBD model in motionview,to calculate and animate the natural frequencies?
  6. Hi I am trying to run a model using pretension manager. I have two major concerns about the tutorial about pretension manager. 1. The contacts are set to be freeze. why freeze? and if it is an approximation, what kind of contact type for bolt surface must be set for an accurate analysis using pretension manager. 2. In tutorial, the location where the surface of pretension-load in 3d bolt have defined, seems to be selected arbitrary. Howerer in my anlaysis this loctaion(where the surface of pretension is defined) effects the results. Thank You in Advance
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