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  1. Problem solved. Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, During my last simulation I was struggling with the problem below: executeAlgo_c : Execution failed. Failed execution ZMLONG: No more space avalaible in dynamic numerical memory ZMLONG: Available size : 189 MiB. ZMLONG: Required size : 297 MiB. ZMLONG: Assigned size : 1024 MiB. ZMLONG: Please increase memory up to at least : 1321 MiB. This has appeared when I started to mesh the domain. Do you know which could be the issue and how should I fix it? Thank you
  3. Problem solved, thank you so much for the attention!
  4. Yes the regions are well divided and the mechanical sets is correct. To solve the problem I created a new mechanical set (Compressible type) and assigned it to the airgapSTATOR. So now the simulation start but there is a line that follows the movement of the rotor (you can watch it in the picture below). Do you know other solutions? Thank you
  5. Hi, I'm simulating a reluctance motor but I found a trouble during the simulation. I splitted the airgap in two several airgap. The first one is associated to the rotor, the second one to the stator. So I imposed the first one with a mechanical set kind of ROTOR (rotation around one axis). The second airgap associated to the Stator has been characterised with a mechanical set kind of STATOR (Fixed). When I try to start the simulation an error appear: External arc axes and the rotation axis of the mechanical set ROTOR are different. The mechanical set rotation is impossible How can I solve it? In the picture you can check the model
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