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  1. 1. I tried to drag .odb file into the working area to define Contact area, Contact pressure etc. as a response. 2. In both internal math and spreadsheets, HS asks me to define an expression for response. But i cannot define a relation bn response and DV for a physical experiment rt?. How to deal with this?
  2. Hello All, I have two questions 1. I am trying to do a DOE in Hyperstudy (2017) with ABAQUS (2017) as Solver. I created a new model, parametrized the XX.tpl file, registered the solver and typed XX.INP in solver input file field. The problem occured when i tried to define a response. I ran the simulation in Abaqus once to get the .odb file. I then put the file in 'approaches\nom_1\run__00001\m_1' to define responses. But when i tried to drag the file into the work area, it says 'file not recognized by Hyperstudy reader' and Hyperstudy text extractor gets selected. Please help me with this problem. 2. Is it possible to do DOE for physical experiments (i.e. without creating an expression for evaluating responses from Design variables) ? Thank you, WBR R: Prasaenna
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