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  1. Hello guys, I tried the tutorial "HS-1545: DOE and Optimization Study with HyperMesh, HyperStudy, and ANSYS CFX" and it worked very well. Now I want to use a .msh file instead of the model.cas file. I thought there should be no problem because it is also a fluent-file. So I created a new study and went through the steps of the setup. When I reached the "evalute" step HS was able to write the Input files. But when HS wanted to execute it shows me always the attached picture. Is it possible to change some terms in the responsible files to avoid this error? Or is it just impossible to use a .msh file?
  2. I tried to remesh like in the tutorial HM-3690 but I got an error that the element angles exceed the tolerance. Has anybody an idea what to do now? Should I smooth the mesh before remeshing or are there any other options?
  3. Ok, thanks! I had this thought already to remesh the critical regions. My objective is to do an optimization with the morphed mesh in HyperStudy. I don't know if I can reach my objective after remeshing but I will try.
  4. Hello guys, I want to morph a model but after moving my handles there are always some negative jacobians/folded elements. Also after a small movement (about 1-2mm) there are some folded elements (sometimes only 2 folded elements). The size of my model is around 150mm * 250mm and the element size in the moprhing region is around 0.5mm - 5mm. Is there any options to avoid folded elements? Maybe meshing with smaller elements or bigger elements or try some various options in the "morph" subpanel? It would be great if anybody can help me!
  5. Ok, I tried various other geometries with tetra- or hexahedrons and all possible morphing shapes. In all cases an error was displayed while exporting the files for CFX. Only this tutorial with the turbine works, so in my opinion there have to be a problem/differences with the mesh. I am completely at a loss. So I have to try out the 2017 or 14.130 Version.
  6. At first I tried this tutorial too and it worked very well without an error. In my reported case I built up a wind tunnel geometry with the Volume Mesh Wind Tunnel tool in HyperMesh and created a little geometry in this wind tunnel. Exporting this case I got an error. I am using HW 14.0
  7. I got the following problem while orientating on the tutorial: HS-1545: DOE and Optimization Study with HyperMesh, HyperStudy, and ANSYS CFX I meshed a imported geometry in HyperMesh and exported the .cas-file. In my case this file is called "model.cas". Then the baseline was computed by Ansys by importing the file "model.cas". In the next step I opened the model in HyperMesh and created varoius shapes with HyperMorph and also I defined the "Design Variables" with "multiple desvar". In the last step I want to Export the files for CFX by the Utility - "CFD I/O" - "Export files for CFX". When the export started the first two files "model.shp" and "model.fluent.node.tpl" were created but an error was displayed while creating the file "model.tpl" The error is shown on the attached picture. What can I do to solve this problem? And why is something written about Nastran files in the error? I hope someone can help me. Greetings martn
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