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  1. While examining my .dat file for property details, i found few lines in between the property data (image attached). Is this is an error in modelling or something error in working method. Please guide me. Thanks, Prabhu P
  2. I have exported my model to .dat file and after opening the .dat file in text file, i am getting the lines as displayed in the attached image. it is like, $HMMOVE 45 $ 11538THRU 11572 $HMMOVE 46 $ 11746THRU 11792 $HMMOVE 47 $ 11875THRU 11895 $HMMOVE 48 $ 12050THRU 12091 $HMMOVE 49 $ 12182THRU 12205 $HMMOVE 50 $ 12293THRU 12317 $HMMOVE 51 $ 12472THRU 12511 i am not aware of this type of lines. Anyone please explain what these are and if its an error, how to avoid those.. Thanks, Prabhu P
  3. Tinh, We are in a process of making Quality check using some automated forms. In the previous topic: RBE2 element length, we used your command and made some quality checks using excel automation. While working on that, we thought of exploring .dat file for checking the Element Quality details. Its a process of learning the .dat file.
  4. Hi Nguyen, At present we are making the checks using HM. But we are trying to read the .dat file and extract the possible data.
  5. Tinh, I am using my .dat file into excel to make some Quality Checks. In one process, we have to filter the co-ordinates of particular elements. We felt difficult in segregating the x,y and z co-ordinates, because they did not follow the uniform precision. For example, my X will be 1080.0125, Y will be 1524.012 and X will be 1526.12. In this, I cannot make automated segregation since there will be absence of space/tab in the dat file. In this case, we are expecting for uniform precision, at the level of 2 decimal places or 3 decimal places.
  6. HI all, I am examining one of my .dat file which i exported from HM. Image attached below is an example of my quality criteria. From the above, i need to Warpage, Aspect Ratio, Skew, Lengths, Angles (all 4) Instead of checking the element quality from HM, is there any options to find the 2D element quality from .dat file. Thanks, Prabhu P
  7. Hi Tinh, I am unable use the command. can you please give me an example on using this command.
  8. Hi Tinh, This worked perfectly..... Thank you for the support....
  9. I have exported my model to .dat format for nastran solver. While reviewing the .dat file, I found that, the co-ordinate points for nodes are not in same order (in terms of precision). Is there any settings to keep the precision of the node co-ordinates same in all directions. Sample is shown in image.. Thanks, Prabhu P
  10. Tinh, That's really awesome. Very helpful. I have one more request. Is it possible to tag the values to the respective element. Sample image is provided. In this image, the element number is displayed near to the respective element. Like wise, is it possible to get the values near to the respective element..
  11. Hi Tinh, That worked really good. Thank you. But it is giving the output of all the RBE2 elements. Is it possible to get the values of on screen displayed elements alone.
  12. I have created an assembly model with around 200 RBE2 connections. My requirement is to measure the length of all the RBE2 element and save it as text or excel file. The number of RBE2 elements will vary from project to project. Is there any TCL script to measure the length of displayed RBE2 element and save the details as required. Or is there any other method to make the process simple by displaying the length of all the RBE2 element on screen, so that the length can be checked visually. Thanks, Prabhu P
  13. Hi All, I have meshed a sheet metal part. I need to take the output in particular co-ordinates. So, I have renumbered all the nodes from 1000. Now using *createnode (x) (y) (z) , i have created nodes at required co-ordinates. I have created almost 150 nodes. Now i have to renumber the new nodes from 101 to 150 as per the serial number provided for co-ordinate points list. Is there any possibilities to create a node along with particular node number (ex: node at x,y,z (100,102,103) with node number 101) .
  14. HI all, I am creating a node using the command " *createnode x y x " When i switch on the node number, it shows as 1. Is it possible to create a node using command with specific node number (say 501) If so, please let me know the command..
  15. Dear all, the following image is an example. In the following image, i would like to re-number the node number 13 to 113. I am able to do it using the manual options available under tools option. But i would like to re-number using commands or tcl scripts. Thanks & Regards, Prabhu p
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