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  1. Evgeniy Zakutin

    License Error on VirtualBox

    The system time on the virtual machine was wrong. The problem is solved.
  2. Evgeniy Zakutin

    License Error on VirtualBox

    Hello everybody, The following things state the problem: there is a Windows 10 VirtualBox machine installed on the linux host system (Kubuntu 18.04); The connection with the license server is established over university VPN (OpenVPN); We don't have any local license files in security folder, the licenses are called directly from the server; Local environments are added in Windows virtual machine (ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH); Altair License Utility (almutil) shows the connection to the server and sees all available license; The server pings; Everything works on the physical Windows 10 machine; On the virtual machine FEKO and HyperMesh cannot be run and show error message (indicated below); Tried to disable the firewall on VM, doesn't help; Tried to use NAT and Bridged network adapters, as well as the same MAC addresses, also doesn't help. SECFEKO Version 2017.2-26 from 2017-05-26 (compiled for target PC_WIN64_EM64T_MKL, 64 bit) ERROR 9161: An error occurred while checking out a licence Altair License Manager: License error Feature(s): GlobalZoneAM, HyperWorks, HWFEKOGUI Error Code: 9 Error Description: [NETWORK] 6200@ - (Err: 9) Feature not found Feature: FEKOGUI Error Code: 9 Error Description: [LOCAL] C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\security\altair_lic.dat - (Err: 6) Unable to read file [NETWORK] 6200@ - (Err: 9) Feature not found License Path: 6200@;C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\security\altair_lic.dat Is there any way to run the software on the virtual machine? Any help appreciated!
  3. Hello, due to the driver problem described here, I have a very old working graphic driver for Windows 10. This driver seems not to be compatible with HyperWorks 2017.2. Now my models are looking black, the same as it is described here. Is there any option in HyperMesh to enable OpenGL mode (like in SolidWorks) or any kind of Software rendering mode (like in FEKO)? Thanks for any help.
  4. Evgeniy Zakutin

    Airbag Modelling

    Thank you George, the video you gave me is very helpful!
  5. Evgeniy Zakutin

    Airbag Modelling

    Hi George, I applied for the Airbag training course in Cologne in October, but due to lack or participants it could be cancelled. How can I find the tutorial video you told about, once it will be created? Cheers.
  6. Evgeniy Zakutin

    Airbag Modelling

    George, that will be extremely helpful! Thank you for your help so much!
  7. Evgeniy Zakutin

    Airbag Modelling

    Hello George, I have the same issue. I would like to fold and inflate a long 20 mm diameter tube, 3.5 meter long, made of airtight nylon. Due to lack of information, manuals and tutorials, I'm really upset and do not know how to make it. What have to be done first and what is next... Is there anywhere a full step-by-step tutorial, how to create and simulate an average airbag (incl. properties, material, cards assignment etc.)? What shall be done first: meshing, folding with Airbag folder, unfolded model, etc.? As I understood, there are different methods of simulation of the inflatable structures. Which one do I need? How to make an gas inlet hole and flow direction? What do you mean with "simulation method". Is it "Folding pre-simulation with Radioss"? Is there a manual how to perform it? Is there anywhere a tutorial, how "Example 4 Airbag" was made? Such questions I'm getting very often, due to lack of information. I have seen a lot of tutorials in Altair help, different presentations, but they are all imperfect, only providing basic information, without describing the process. I really have no imagination what I have to begin with. There are lot of separately described steps no correlating each with other in independent tutorials, but nowhere stays the full sequence of creating and simulation of an airbag Could you please suggest me a full manual (video, PDF, lecture) on how to create and simulate an airbag from scratch? Or maybe write an step-by-step list, what i need to do? I will really appreciate it! Thank you in advance!