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  1. Hi George, the model I’ve send to you is simplified. That’s why there are no interfaces. But so far my questions have been answered.Thankyou very much for your quick support
  2. Hi George, apparently in HW 14 the option Ismstr=2 is only avaliable for hexa-elements. I tried to increase the Pressure vs. yield factor function and to reduce the failure strain to 80% but it was unsuccessfull too. There are no penetrations in the interface. I will upload one of the versions.
  3. Hi, I've got the same problem. I'm simulating an dynami impact test with a PP-polymer. I'm getting the same error message for a tetra element due to exzessive compression. For the material I'm using the PLAS_TAB card with Pressure vs. yield factor function. The maximum failure strain is 180% for tension. There is no failure strain for compression. Property: SOLID Isolid=25 Icrpe=1 Itetra=1 I tried the option Ismstr=2 plus the following input /DT/NODA/CST 0.9 0.0009 /DT/BRICK/CST 1.0 0.00088 --> even with a relativ high timestep I get the same error message at exactly the same time: ANIMATION FILE: ********************************************************A012 WRITTEN 6600 5.515 0.7132E-03 INTER 1 1.1% 59.17 143.9 2.196 4.212 0.1993E-01 MESSAGE ID : 169 ** STOP : ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME FOR 4 NODES TETRAHEDRON ID=6580602, INTEGRATION POINT=4 So I don't see any effect on the solution when I'm using Ismstr=2 !? How can I solve the problem?
  4. ? I have the same Problem. What was actually the solution?
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