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  1. okay, but how can I get rid of the non optimized plies or how can I force optistruct to optimize them? Because normally they should be optimized during the free sizing phase and the plies are probably used to minimize the wcomp objective. Or Are these plies kind of dead bodies?
  2. Hello, I have a problem regarding free sizing optimization with Laminates. After free sizing optimization when optistruct creates 4 plies of each fibre orientation there remain exactly the first ply of each fibre orientation which has the shape of the whole design space. In my case the 4 plies are grouped together as the first plies of my model. I attached a picture of my problem. I tried difference settings with TMANUF, min, max Laminat thickness. But the problem is always the same. All plies based on the same elements. To introduce Loads I used RBE3 and RBE2 elements and connect them to the elements. Do you have any suggestions how to fix my problem? Thank you in advance Do you have any suggestions?
  3. Hi, I would like to know if there is a tutorial available for Composite Optimization with solid elements? In the "Skateboard" tutorial, it is mentioned that "In case of solids one has to generate each ply as a solid" Which sounds very simple to me. But It doesn't work so far. If there is no tutorial availabe, here is what I've done: - Discrete one ply geometrie with CQuad4. Then I turned the 2D Mesh into CHEXA by drag 2D elements along an axis. I chose this method, because I wanted to create a periodic mesh with the 2D Elements for the other plies. So that I get the same mesh for each ply - next I created sets for each ply by selecting all ply elements - then I did ply defintion with the thickness of the solids for each ply and did laminate definition - then I chose PCOMPP Card Image ( as it is mentioned in several composite tutorials) - and I did Analysis. The errors I get are: "ERROR 14: Missing property # 2 referenced by CHEXA #..........." with lots of elements. This is propably due to the PCOMPP Card. But I have no idea how to fix this and do all 3 phases of the composite optimization. With a PSOLID Card it is possible to do free size optimization with a defined Laminate? please can you help? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I am working on a laminate optimization. I'd like to do the three phases: Free Size Optimization, Size Optimization and Shuffle Optimization mentioned in the composite manual. My question is how can I connect the element faces in the 3rd direction with other elements of different components. In the attached picture I would like to connect the yellow part with the different laminate layers. Are there any solutions available, I could not find equal problems in the composite manual. thank you in advance, Martin
  5. hi there, I am working on a topology optimization problem with HW 14. More detailed, it is a crank set of a bicycle which should be loaded with a cyclic load and a static load. The cyclic load simulates the load induced by the cyclist. The static load simulates the cyclist who stays on both pedals. For my problem I guess the ESLM should work, but I went through the examples for Multi-body Dynamic Analysis and could not find how to implement a cyclic load. Another idea is to rotate the crank set and induce a load at a specific time and place. But I have not found a tutorial or information how to do that yet. Another idea was to use a transient subcase for the cyclic load, but it seems that topology optimization doesn’t work with transient subcases (read on another thread). Do you have any idea how to implement cyclic loads as a subcase and do a topology optimization? I appreciate your help Crank_Set.hm
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