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  1. I expect this . Near hole we need to mesh more. Like that
  2. Sure. Please wait. I will send you this evening.
  3. Thank you. I tried and I got it.
  4. Hi Naveen, Its a problem often araising in NX NASTRAN. It is because of the following possible reasons. 1. Check working directory is accessible 2. Open NASTRAN by "Run as Administrator" 3. Verify whether the BC's are correct 4. Verify whether there is a problem during importing or exporting in Hypermesh. If so, Rectify immediately
  5. Hi, I have a question which one is called as a Perfect mesh or Fine mesh? When or under which conditions, my meshing is said to be a perfect mesh? Thank you
  6. Hi, I meshed my model with 3D tetrahedral mesh. When I check elements, I came to know that there is an existence of Several values which can ba varied based upon our requirement. I need a Optimum value or constant or Predefined value to check 3D tetrahedral elements. Thank you in Advance
  7. I tried meshing in a Fillet edge whose Fillet radius is 3. I specified element size of 0.5 but I cant able to cover the fillet surface entirely. I also tried on the fillet surface of intersection where Cylinder and a Flat plate meets. How to overcome this issue? I varied Element Size and Element density too. Thank you in Advance
  8. Hi, I tried to mesh a Curved Surface whose cross section diameter varies from the source surface to destination surface. I tried solidmesh and Spin (Curved generated is mid-curve) results in mesh doesn't coincide with Dest surface. Thank you in Advance
  9. While analysing, we need to input constraints as BC. In constraints, there is checkbox and value for dof1,dof2,...amd so on. Checkbox is for enabling or disabiling dof, Why there is a text box for entering value? What does it siginifies?
  10. Also, Whats the use of values near to dof1, dof2, .. And so on.? Its a constraints why they are in need of magnitudes?
  11. You can also smooth the mesh, just after the mesh by clicking Smooth option which is right 3rd from the mesh button on 3D> Tetramesh option. Hope it works! As friend suggests, smooth has effect only if element size is small.
  12. Helped alot. Thank you. Can I have the author name please?
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