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  1. Hello @Prakash Pagadala yeah okay. thanks a lot. if possible , share any communication details also.
  2. Hello @Prakash Pagadala is there any reply from the experts ??
  3. hi @Prakash Pagadala Any updates or informations ?? please share..
  4. HI@Prakash Pagadala Right away i will share, please see your message.
  5. Hello Mr.@Prakash Pagadala 4 methods i have tried . the error you're asking is for the fourth method. please refer all the four methods. 01_when launch in work folder 02_used command prompt in installation folder and given the path location to my working folder 03_if i use the command in installation folder , its opening normal HV trans window. ( even though if it open , its not possible to open muliple files) 04_this Error got after copying the setup files ( necessary files). I need to solve this issue very quick , please share your ideas. thank you in advance.
  6. Hello @Prakash Pagadala i tried in a system in which the altair products installed locally. in that system also , i can run the command only in that installation folder only ( c - drive).. ( For example --- hvtrans -a testfile ). but i dont have permission to copy the files. so i copied that HV trans file to my working folder and tried to run. it asked so many setup files. i copied all the files and then also i cant run .. showing some error. please suggest me , how to run that command thank you
  7. Hello Mr.@Prakash Pagadala thanks a lot for the quick reply. i read the pdf.. but the probem is my system Altair product are installed locally. we are accessing through a server. so because of that i cant found the HV TRANS in located in given link : \\Altair\hw14.0\io\result_readers\bin\win64 1. so to perform this option , does the altair products need to be installed in local. 2. in pdf they said run Hv trans.exe. should i need to open the cmd window in the working folder and lauch the hv trans. or in default just open default cmd promp and launch it. awaiting for your reply , thank you
  8. Hello all, How you doing. ? its been a long time since i have asked my question. MY QUESTION: i have .odb files of size 2.7GB , and i am having 16 cases. now i need to send those result files to France. so i planned to use HV TRANS to reduce the ouput file size ( by keeping only the output which i want). i can do that by one by one. but you guys know importing this much size files takes lot of time. so i planned to use the HV TRANS in batch mode. ( some where i studied that batch mode is available ), but i dont how to use it.. 1. Please explain how to import all 16 cases at once in HV TRANS and how to proceed forward in batch mode ? 2. i need to import all 16 files at the same time and i need 16 H3D files.i think this is possible. your opinion pls ? My project delivery date is near by.. so quick suggestion are really appreciated.' thank you.. Regards, Guruganesh NVH
  9. Dear Mr. @Prakash Pagadala Thanks a lot for your reply . hereby i have shared my details. please forward it to the concern application engineer.\ thank you
  10. Dear all, A month ago , i am using OPTISTRUCT solver to conduct Normal mode analysis. we have changed the solver from Nastran to opitstruct. so i have few questions. 1.with using one optistruct license, is it possible to do multi tasking. ( Means, to conudct two or more analysis at a time). 2. is it possible to increase the speed of analysis. because i can see the cores & processors option. 3. Any import tips or tricks to ease the analysis process. if you guys know the answer for any of the above question. please do let me know.
  11. first of all, thanks Mr. johnsan & Mr. rahul for the reply. still i need some clarification. i meshed nearly 10 to 15 components and i convert ( trias to tetra) all the components at the same time. if i give mesh to current component, all the 15 components come in to the current component. but i need , the 3d mesh to be in corresponding component. is there a way.? please give your suggestion thank you
  12. Dear all, I am working as NVH engineer. in our case , we use terta solid mesh. my process : first we will make tria mesh and then we will convert into tetra mesh using ( 3D--> Tetramesh--> tetra mesh --> fixed trais/quads to tetra mesh --> simple pyramid --> create per-volume comps --> create. Then the tetramesh will create in a component vol001 ( name of the newly created component). so i need to delete the 2d mesh component and also again i have to rename the component . so i want to simplify my process. i want to create TETRA MESH (3D) in same component where the TRIA elements (2D) are present. but by deleting the 2D tria elements (automatically) during the tetra-mesh conversation process. ??? IS THIS POSSIBLE ? please give your suggestion. so that i can save some time. becoz for every item i need to rename for more than 50 components. thank you.
  13. DEAR ALL, Now i am using SIMLAB 14.3. upgraded from 14.0. in SIMLAB 14.0 version, i can change the mouse settings by [ Edit--> preference--> system--> mouse settings--> hypermesh] BUT in SIMLAB 14.3 Version, i cant find the EDIT OPTION. so i dont know how to change the mouse setting. i want to use hypermesh mouse settings in SIMLAB. which is convenient for me. so could anyone please help me to solve this.? thanks in advance. best regards. Guru
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