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  1. thank you very much。 If I build a solid model of a bolt, how do I set the relationship between the bolt and the joint? Using a common node or contact, how to simulate better? I would like to see the stress of the joint instead of the stress of the bolt.
  2. Thank you very much. Maybe my version is low and I can't open the hm file. I use Optistruct to analyze the fem file error display: Is there something wrong? What parameters do I need to reset?
  3. thank you, The freeze is like a rigid body ? BUt the Stress becomes bigger.The zz stress is 116MPa,,There should be no stress here..
  4. Ddear all I want to analyze the maximum stress of the bolted joint to check the strength of the structure. I use the RBE2 element to simulate a bolted connection. I bound the 6 degrees of freedom at the bottom, built the RBE2 element at the top, and loaded the force of 100N. as the picture shows: I created 3 contacts to simulate the state of the actual force, Guānyú jiēchù de shèzhì, rú tú suǒ shì 12/5000 About the settings of the contact, as shown We intuitively analyze that due to the direction of the force, the contact 3 should have a large compressive stress, and the contact 2 should have no too much stress, but as a result, the contact 3 stress is small, and the contact 2 stress is large, which is why ? So I want to know how I should set it up? Is it wrong with my parameter settings for contact? Thank you jiont_static.hm
  5. Thank you at first. I make the spacing value bigger than the element size so the number of connectors is less than the element nodes.It avoids the two connector's RBAR connect to the same node.But this lead to some nodes without RBEA.If i want to simulate the weld seam, must all the nodes on the edge(componentA ) are connected with componentB?
  6. Thanks at first. there are other problems: 1.I want to know that how can we simulate the weld seam of cars with the hypermesh elements.Is it right that use spot weld or seam weld elements to simulate? 2.I want to know why that. I assign the property to the connectors, the component's mass is zero. why? Is it prove that i have not assigned the property to the seam weld correctly? thank you !
  7. Dear All, I want to ask about weld seam application, please see my picture below. figure1, I want to connect the elements in two components to simulate the weld seam. figure2,3.I use the 1D connectors seam application to create the seam weld.But there is a node with two REAR which leads to the error when solving the case.The acceptable model is one node connect with one REAR just as figure4. I want to know how to avoid appearing the condition as figure 3 and to create the correct model as figure 4. I have some confusing in RBE2 and RBAR, What different between in them? Best regards, Little_key
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