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  1. I ran into the problem of INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR # 8011 & #8008. I ran the same exact run and it got solved. Now I am facing the same issue randomly. Sometime the run get the h3d and somtimes it gets the error. even after the non linear solution has been converged.
  2. Hello, I am running a forming analysis in hyperform radioss. the model is 3D brick elements. I am not able to see elemental stress at all. Which control card should I use to get the elemental stress.
  3. I solved the problem. The out file is showing zero errors and zero warning but no h3d file is generating. What could be the possible error.
  4. Hello, @Prakash Pagadala I am not able to find the tutorial. Can you share a direct link for RD-T: 3500 Tensile Test Setup
  5. Hello , I am new to Radioss solver. Actually using it first time. I wanted to run a analysis for imposed displacement. Is there any tutorial available step by step. How to assign material, how to assign BC , loadstep, control card necessary for analysis. I have attached picture of which I am going for analysis.
  6. @tinh thanks for the reply but the procedure you are saying is just for 3D representation and it just show that whether I have oriented my beam elements or not, it does not show whether the orientation is correct of not.
  7. How can I check the orientation of all beam in an assembly at once. or do I have to check it individually by reviewing at the bar update panel.
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