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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reference material. I'm still having some trouble with the analysis. Getting the Error ID 120 reference function. Also, How do I get the different modes for buckling and Buckling load factor. Any suggestions on that? nl_buckling.hm
  2. The only reason I was using Optistuct was because of material. I am using Yeoh model for Hyperelastic material. RADIOSS only has Ogden and Mooney Rivlin. and out of all Yeoh model best fits the stress strain curve. Also, I don't have any contact associated with my geometry. I thought Optistruct was capable of doing Non Linear buckling, I also wanted to see post buckling behavior. Is there any example problem referencing NL Buckling using Radioss, that would help a lot..
  3. Yeah, but would it accurately predict non linear buckling behavior? what is your recommendation? or Is there any way I can get a buckling or any other type of load step to reference non-linear quasi static ?
  4. Hi, I am trying to solve a non-linear buckling analysis using Altair Hyperworks with Optistruct as a solver. I am unable to find the load step for it. Both non-linear static and linear buckling work. linear buckling won't accept NL static as input or as a STATSUB Preload. Is this option for non-linear buckling even available in this solver? or do I have to use any other solver. please advise. If there is any example available for this kind of analysis, that would be a lot of help. I couldn't find anything in the ebook "Non linear FEA using Optistruct".
  5. Thanks Ivan. I don't know how i missed that type 7. can you please explain the cards you added to the file?
  6. Hi I have been trying to simulate crash between two cars using RADIOSS. The solver seems to be working perfectly and doesn't show any errors/ warnings. But when I load the results in HyperView the Von-Mises stress tends to be Zero (0). I'm getting the results for Displacement and Hourglass just not VM. I'm not able to troubleshoot the error. can you please advise? I can share the files with you via some secure dropbox or something like that. Thank You.
  7. Hi, i am trying to run this linear static analysis, i am getting ERROR 120, function reference error. what is it? is there any manual or something with all the error id explanations etc. please let me know. Thanks 2017_analysis_static_0000.out 2017_analysis_static_0000.rad 2017_analysis_static_0001.rad
  8. I just started using Hypermesh 2017, i couldn't find the load, constraints etc options under analysis tab. I'm using RADIOSS 2017.
  9. Error in elements and missing .rst file. _12_0000.out
  10. Hi, I am trying to run a linear static analysis. But the solver won't even start. it says "missing .rst file". _12.hm _11_0001.out _11_0001.rad _11_0001_0001.rad
  11. There are no Penetrations in the contacts. The model is in MMGS. complete_deck_0000.out complete_deck_0000.rad complete_deck_0001.out complete_deck_0001.rad
  12. I am trying to run a dynamic crash analysis in hypermesh, there are no errors in the model. But the solver ends in 1 second and only one result file is generated which doesn't contain anything. Card info: TStop: 0.002 Tstart: 0 Tfreq : 2e-6
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