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  1. Hi Florian_lw Good day, Your post was years ago, hope you might have extracted the dynamic stiffness from the frequency response analysis. From my point, I just came across this problem to find the dynamic stiffness from FRA. I have done a 1N load excitation at the base state & response of displacement at intended points noted over required frequency range. A 1 N unit load divided with the displacements will give the stiffness across the frequency range. The minimum the displacement, maximum will be the Dynamic stiffness in that particular direction. Hope I answered your query, I heard that in Radioss, there is a Channel method to extract dynamic stiffness, Can anyone please share the info., on it. PS: Better LATE than NEVER ... Thanks 7 regards, Bhoopal
  2. is TABLED1 in OPTISTRUCT same as *amplitude in ABAQUS for load curve input
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