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  1. Hi Merula, what I understand from above quoted statement is 60% of the material is constantly maintained throughout optimization and is not optimized, remaining 40% of the design space material is only taken for optimization. Is this correct ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, Trying to figure out how much volume fraction has to be given for meeting a specific modal target frequency of a automotive wheel while performing topology optimization. Just trying to find out the relation between volume fraction and modal frequency of wheel (wheel weight is 13 kg). For Example Target modal frequency of wheel should be above 400Hz. For meeting the modal target (above 400Hz) how much volume fraction value need to given in a single shot so that the modal target is met, in topology optimization of wheel. Thank you in advance.
  3. COMPUTE TIME INFORMATION ------------------------ EXECUTION STARTED Wed Sep 13 11:21:25 EDT 2017 EXECUTION COMPLETED Wed Sep 13 11:39:30 EDT 2017 ELAPSED TIME 00:18:04 CPU TIME 02:36:56 AVERAGE SYSTEM LOAD 4.09 Hi, Need a brief explanation of the Elapsed time and CPU time.
  4. Hi all, can you pls figure out what need to be done with below the error, ITERATION 2 *** ERROR # 802 *** Repeated factorization failure due to panel limitations on pivoting. This failure remains with the increased panel size. Solver error no. = -513 subcase id = 2 default panel size = 256 increased panel size = 4096 Please report this error to ossuport for investigation. This error occurs in module "lstatdrv". ************************************************************************ RADIOSS/OptiStruct error termination report printed to file "Run24_ucyc5_VF50.stat". ************************************************************************ There were 5 WARNING(s) reported during the run.
  5. A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 762 *** The PID given in OBST of DTPL is already defined as a topological design property. DTPL id = 1 violated property id = 4
  6. Hi @Prakash Pagadala pls find the .out file attached outfile.out
  7. Hi all problem got solved, error occured because RBE3 elements were attached with RBE2 elements, all the elements were config edited (updated) to RBE2 in Hypermesh.
  8. Hi all, while running topology optimization file in optistruct I'm encountering the following error, can anyone please help me out with this *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data : Incorrect data in fiels # 5. Thanks and regards Manohar Bandike
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