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  1. Yes, it is a customized template for our company.
  2. Hello George, Thanks for your information. I'm using HM 14.0 and Abaqus as solver. Now I found the options for output block that you showed using Abaqus Standard.3d template. But the problem is, when I change the template, the Card Image for General Contact was also changed and the model doesn't run.
  3. Hello George, thanks for your reply. But I cannot see the options when I created output block:
  4. Hello, I'm using HyperMesh and Abacus 3D Contact Solver in my project. This is a FEA Contact Simulations of two mating terminals, as shown below. Basically, terminal 1 will insert and withdraw during the mating process and terminal 2 was fixed at the right surfaces. I would like to plot the contact force between the two terminals during the insert/withdraw process. However, it is not available in HyperView. Can anyone help?
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