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  1. Hello sir, Thanks Sir if possible pls provide steering wheel _hexa hm or step file.
  2. Dear all, Need some ideas regarding hex mesh and solid mesh by splitting geometry. Any pdf tutorial or video will be helpful. Thanks and regards Nikhil Srivastava
  3. Hello everybody, @hemanshu I need help regarding same. How u get stiffness value of composite rubber hose. @Rahul Is it possible to realize the crimp joint in better way.
  4. Dear sir I need help regaring incremental radioss in manufacturing solution . tube alway penetrate flange pin during flaring process.Pls help me reagrding same.I alreay number of iteration didn't get successful result.
  5. Dear guys, First of all thank for supporting in advance.I have problem regarding spring bacK effect. I have round clamp as show in figure. We have to check that after spring back effect how much part deflect from their required shape. regards Nikhil
  6. Thanks for your reply.Sir if you have any example regarding same please provide me .
  7. Hello, I am new in hypermesh. I need help regarding rubber hose(Nitryle butadine rubber(NB).Hose with braiding material copper mesh. Even i can't able to start with cad data.I am sharing image also.If any body have hm or cad file pls provide me and also tell me the process how can we analyse strength of hose with optistruct
  8. Dear guys, I am new in hyperwork .I have problem regarding contact penetration.Actually it has three component first cylinder with 39.8 dia with SS material , O ring having internal dia 30.1and thicknes 5.1 with rubber properties and metal tube with OD 31.8 again SS material.Actually in Preload condition how much O ring compressed or contact area when we assembly the cylinder with tube.After that a 3 bar pressure is applied from Max contact pressure will be there. I already worked on given below hm file but can't get result.For better understanding I just also share image file.Thanks and regards in advance.Its very urgent. leaktest_new1_01.hm
  9. hi guys, I have problem regarding interferance contact surface. Intensionally my cad data has interferance because tube with o ring has push fit with cylinder and want to show the contact surface. area. I already setup all the contact with load step nonlinear quasi static analysis. Load collector :- NLPARM, SPC,CNSTBL . Pls help me i also share my hm file.I need urgent help. Thanks and regards NIKHIL leaktest_new1.hm
  10. i want to create heat flux which we have to use and and how can i define time step
  11. i want to create heat flux which we have to use and and how can i define time step
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