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  1. Hi Prakash Sorry if I did not contact you before, but I had some family problems. I wanted to ask you if tomorrow you are available for an interview on Skype to talk about the doubts I have on the Motion View simulations. Send me your contact Skype I add to you, and agree a timetable. Thank you
  2. Hi, Prakash Pagadala i tried to do what you said (my beginning point are the “anterior and posterior axle with extension.mvw”), but I hadn’t the expected results. Could you send me, please, an example, some screenshots with the path that I have to follow to execute the assembly of the two separate parts, anterior axle and the posterior? Furthermore I have two other questions for you : -doing an elasto-kinematic analisys on the suspensions, my supervisor asked me to add, like results, graphs displacement/force concerning the springs, how to do that? -Furthermore he asked me to invert the two axes in the obtained graphs. Is it possible do that from a textfile, excluding the possibility of changing them manually? If yes, how I got to do? Thank you really much
  3. Hello everybody, The aim of my master thesis work is to execute the elasto-kinematic analisys of a mini-car. I was supplied with text files containing informations on the geometry of the anterior and posterior axles, (coordinates, inertia moments), steering wheel and the characteristic curves of the primary and secondary elastic- organs (springs and bushings) and dampers. I began modeling the suspension of the anterior axle, starting from the pre-imposed model given in Motionview through the procedure Model—>Assembly Wizard, and substituting the text files data I was feed with where they supposed to be in the pre-imposed model. I ask you the following questions: - How can I substitute a single system (intended as a part of a model, for example just the steering part) having it on another file? - How can I add other components on the default model (for example I realized that I’ve got to add bump-stops and rebound-stops) , without having to re-do everything? - Finally, how can I assemble anterior axle with posterior axle after having done, separately, one and the other? Thanks, whoever will answere.
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