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  1. Dear all, We are building a motionview model. It is a full vehicle (special vehicle) model, so it is complex but it works fine. Our question is if we can have a file (VehicleFile.txt) with all the info of the vehicle inside, such as connection points co-ordinates, masses, inertia, stiffnesses, etc. and link it with our model. So instead of having to modify the .mdl file, we can just modify the .txt file, and have everything in the mdl updated. Is that possible? Also, once we run the model, motionview creates a .xml file. Can we import this back to motionview. So if we do not have the .mdl, can we view the model and modify by using the .xml? Many thanks, Elias
  2. Dear all, Is there a motorcycle tyre model available for use with motionView/motionSolve? Many thanks in advance for any response.
  3. Dear all, What is the equation for dropping test data in a fatigue analysis with standard deviation (Se) and certainty of survival (SurvCert). In our understanding this equation should be: LogS(new) = LogS(data) + Se*Cert Where Cert=-1 for 84% SurvCert, -2 for 97.7% SurvCert and -3 for 99.9% SurvCert However the results we are getting are not what expected, and we can't validate what we see from the results. Also, in the manual we cannot find the used equation for dropping the data. We would appreciate any help on the matter, or if someone can confirm what optistruct is using (what equation) to drop the data. Many thanks.
  4. Hello, We have been running a quit heavy optimisation with hyperstudy using the GRSM algorithm. After about 37 runs, the computer stopped or we had a power cut or something, so we had an abnormal termination of the optimisation. Is there a way to restart the optimisation from where it stopped instead of running the whole thing again? It is a very heavy opt, so it took us a day and a half to run up to iteration 37, and it would be very important for us to just restart from where left. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Dear all, We are trying to set a HyperStudy simulation. We have a batch process which calls a tcl file and the we read outputs. The problem goes as follows: In the batch process we need to know at which folders we are currently. When Hyperstudy runs the nominal run for instance, it creates folder C:/Users/user1/Desktop/Gen02/approaches/nom_1/run__00001/m_1/ and copies there our .fem file (input) In our batch we are using param %HST_APPROACH_RUN_PATH% to get the path of that folder. But we are getting the parent folder: C:/Users/inasiopo/Desktop/Gen02/approaches/nom_1/run__00001 So .../m_1/ is missing!!!! How can we get the correct path? Hope we explain it in a good way. Many thanks in advance
  6. Foud it!!! There was an error in the actual fem file and it wouldn't let it run. Now fixed it and with all changes you suggested it works!! Many thanks!
  7. I had a problem there. But that is sorted now! Now it exports the two variables as: C:/Users/user1/Desktop/Gen/Tester02.fem C:/Users/user1/Desktop/Gen/Tester02.sh wihich is the correct path and has the files inside. Still not running though! It says: "Error: Invalid input model" 0 "ossmooth_12 0 1 0 1 C:/Users/user1/Desktop/Gen/Tester02.fem C:/Users/user1/Desktop/Gen/Tester02.sh *.grid 1 0 1 2" <"eval" body line 1> invoked from within ......... Please help !!!!!
  8. tried it! Still not working! It seems it still does not recognise the two path variables. Any help please?
  9. Dear all, We are trying to create a tcl script that is called from a batch file with: C:\....\hmbatch.exe -tcl C:\...\MyTcl.tcl That works fine. Our TCL then looks like: variable myLocation [file normalize [info script]] append filename1 $myLocation "Tester02.fem" append filename2 $myLocation "Tester02.sh" *createstringarray 2 "isosurf: 3 3 0.6 0 -1 0 0 10 30 1 0" "other_params: 1 0 0 0 10 0" *ossmooth_12 0 1 0 1 "$filename1" "$filename2" "*.grid" 1 0 1 2 but this is not working. Apparently when trying to run the *ossmooth" command the "$filename1" and "$filename2" variables are not recognised. Any help on how we can do that please??
  10. Hello again. I am very new to this so please keep any answer to the simplest form. I am trying to set a process with a batch file. This process will call a tcl that is looking for files (fem,sh,etc..) and then returns to finish. It looks like: Batch --> Call tcl --> return to batch In my batch file I have: Set MyPath = C:\the path that files are in\ And then I am calling the tcl wich is in $MyPath$\MyTcl.tcl That works ok up to here. But then in the tcl there are some processes that are looking for files in the same path (MyPath) and I am not sure how to use that same variable (pass the variable). TCL looks something like: *ossmooth_12 0 1 0 1 "C:\......\model.fem" "C:\......\model.sh" ..... but to make the process work we need the paths in this tcl to be variables coming from the batch. So it should look something like: *ossmooth_12 0 1 0 1 "$MyPath$\model.fem" "$MyPath$\model.sh" ..... Any help on how we can set this please? Many thanks in advance.
  11. and just one more...is there a way to batch run a tcl script?
  12. thank you. Yes it would be awsome if there is something. However, would you know how can we start an analysis (optistruct) through a tcl?? what is the command "Start optistruct analysis "fem.fem" "
  13. Dear all, Is there a way to automatically run OSSmooth and re-analysis with optistruct. Basically up to now we are running an optimisation then going to hypermesh, running OSSmooth, and re-running optistruct to see what deflection we get with the optimised shape.\ Can we set that at once (maybe as a batch process) so we don't have to do the whole thing, and get optimisation + Re-analysis at once? Many thanks.
  14. Yes. We have the STATUSB(PRELOAD). The problem is that this works in the same run. For example: We make a model file which has two loadsteps one for pretension and one case. So: Model1.fem --- Pretension run --- LoadCase 1 What we want is to have two models. One for the pretension only and one for the Loadcase only but that will use the results of pretension, So...: Model1.fem --- Pretension, Model2.fem -- Loadcase1, but we need to tell to Model2.fem to use results from Model1.fem. Is that possible?? Many thanks again, Elias
  15. Dear all, A pretension analysis is usually run before another non-linear analysis, as a first step of the same run. Is there a way to run a pretension analysis (until the end), and then use the results later in a another analysis. So instead of running one after another on the same run, run pretension, then create/run subcases which will reference the pretension results. Basically this becomes usuful if we want to change something in one subcase, then we won't have to run always the pretension step, but just use the results. I hope it makes sense and thank you in advance for your help and valuable time, Elias
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