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  1. riiily liked a post in a topic by andries in Strange Meshing Error with Stitched Surface   
    Hi @riiily,
    I've played with your model and got it to mesh: FullyFurnishedBoeing03rayInc.mod.cfx

    Copied the original geometry out of the stitched part; Used the "Repair" tools on the primitive objects to change their internal representations and tweak the tolerances Stitched the parts together again with a tolerance of "0.1" I'm not sure why it stopped working between versions.  It might just be that there was a library upgrade that affected the way a tolerance influenced the model's validity when you meshed.  For now, you should be able to continue working anyway.
    Kind regards,
    PS: I used CADFEKO 14.0.432-293039 (x64) from 2016-12-06
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