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  1. Hey, please correct me if I'm wrong, but on the postprocess video I can see similar issue - some of splitted elements has been removed during solving. I am using the same sandwich property and mat law 27, but with thin polymer (without fail) film between two glass sheets. In a postprocess you can watch at each layer separately, so let's look at upper glass sheet. I can't understand one thing - why element is first cracked and after few time steps cracked parts are removed, while there is no high strain on them since they are already cracked? Can someone help me to understand and, what is more important, avoid the deletion? Thanks, Piotr
  2. Hi George, both Xfem=1 and Xfem=0 give the same result - always part of elements is gone. I'll watch webinar and answer later whether I found solution or not. Thanks, Piotr
  3. Hello, is it possible to set up the problem the way that non of elements (initial and splitted) will be deleted? I want them to crack and remain. Any suggestions? Thanks pioborzy
  4. Hello, I guess you do not. When you cut the solid into 3, next in my opinion you are supposed to assembly them. They remain different solids so you can assign different volume regions. Then Flux should mesh domain with no error. If you need an air gap, you can assign the Air gap region face region for surfaces in between volumes in splitted solid. Regards, Piotr
  5. Hi, I've managed this error as well. Try this: export model to .fem file in OptiStruct profile, then switch to Nastran and export to .bdf, copy all CPYRA elements in notepad from .fem, paste them before CHEXA in .bdf file, save and then import Nastran file in FLUX. If somebody knows shorter way to run it, I'll be thankful. Remember to keep 1st order elements in Hypermesh and assign to each component (or rather volume) another property. Piotr
  6. What is the error? I suggest you to try with Nastran - .bdf Piotr
  7. Hello, I can't solve the problem with model prepared in HyperMesh and exported to Flux. Model consists of two cylindrical coils on yoke, a solid conductor below them and the surrounding tetrameshed air. Analysis is set to magnetostatic. There is no non-linearity in any material Chesk physics doesn't give any error. Whenever I start to solve problem, Flux gives: "End of physical check. 12:03:00 9 sec. Start save ... 12:03:00 9 sec. ... end save Active formulation(s) : MS3SCRHJ : Magnetostatic scalar potential reduced versus Hj formulation MS3SCA : Magnetostatic total scalar potential formulation Matrix system : linear, real, symmetrical 12:03:01 10 sec. Start solving problem ... Step number 1 Non managed error which has stopped solving process 12:03:02 11 sec. Start reading ... 12:03:03 12 sec. ... end reading 12:03:03 12 sec. ... end solving problem. Closing project Close of E:/(.....) ... end closing project Can not execute the following command : Scenario['REFERENCEVALUES'].solve(projectName='proba.FLU') executeAlgo_c : Execution failed. Failed execution executeAlgo_c => failedstdcom.error.SoftwareFortranException: executeAlgo_c : Execution failed.Failed execution . . . quite long list of which execution has failed. Closing project ... end closing project Maximum use of 3623 MiB. in numerical memory For the dynamic table ID 1127406 Maximum use of 6 MiB. in character memory For the dynamic table ID 1073214 NUMZM ADRES SUIV PREC CODE LONG UID PROP4 ... 1 5 6 4 R08 5 0 0 2 1 5 5 C80 8 0 0 4 2941622223 1 6 R08 5 0 0 5 5496560 2 2 C80 8 0 0 6 5 4 1 I04 2 600037 0 Numerical memory: Total length =2941622222 (8 byte words) Present length = 600041 Useful length = 600041 Number of numerical arrays = 3 Character memory: Total length = 5496559 (80 byte words) Present length = 0 Useful length = 0 Number of character arrays = 2 Maximum number of arrays (num+char) = 100006" Any idea where could be the problem? Thanks Piotr
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