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  1. EmSt liked a post in a topic by Simon G in How to edit user function   
    Here is an example of a groovy function. 
    FYI, only customers under maintenance have access to the support. In this case Qchen seems to belong to a Chinese university so the correct mail to use for him should be flux_support_apac@altair.com.
    Best regards
  2. fezusa liked a post in a topic by Simon G in need some help   
    If the tutorial tells to use the build volume function then it means you're using the standard context so you should not enter the modeler to correct your geometry.
    About the message, it is only a warning, it should appear in white or orange. Not something important. However If there are some real intersections then maybe the geometry is not correct. In this case I would check the previous steps of the tutorial to see if anything is missing or if you made any mistake.
    Best regards
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