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  1. Hi, Most of the time the last Id is the length for the list : len(Point[ALL]) If you want to be sure you can use : def sorted_fonction(x): return float(str(x)) listPointSorted = sorted(Point[ALL], key=sorted_fonction) lastPointId = str(listPointSorted[len(listPointSorted)-1]) Best regards Yann
  2. Hi, The link has been corrected. Thanks to you Yann
  3. Hi, With Altair Flux 2018.1 you will find exemple to perform vibro-acoustic analysis with Flux and Optistruct (via Simlab or Hypermesh) Hope it help Yann
  4. Hi, An other question. Are you using Linux ? Yann
  5. Hi, As it is writing, you have to choose the matlab directory, not file. In your case it is "F:\Matlab Crack version\" Please do not used "Crack" software. We can't support you with crack software
  6. Hi, We need to look at your Flux file to see the error or defect. Please contact the support Team (flux_support_emea@altair.com) Regards Yann
  7. Hi, You can find in the installation directory of Flux an exemple of used of the python API for Flux. "install directory"\flux\Flux\Api\Jython\ Regards Yann
  8. Hi Romain, A member of my team informed me that a small documents already exist (Thanks Abdessamed) You will find these documents attached. One on pyflux, python for Flux (Altair_Memento_pyFlux_GB-v2.2.pdf) and the other on the usage of python in Flux (Altair_Memento_python_GB-v2.1.pdf) These are memento (so you have to print them and fold them into four parts like an accordion) Best regards Yann Altair_Memento_pyFlux_GB-v2.2.pdf Altair_Memento_python_GB-v2.1.pdf
  9. Hi, Not really. We want to work on a documentation, but it will be not available before mid 2018. To give a small answer, you can use all the entities available in Flux. The special cases are the cases I have give to you : I04 : integer R08 : double C80 : character You can also look at the macros deliver with Flux to be inspire. Regards Yann
  10. Hi, If I well understand your question, you can use input like that : """@param NbMaxIterParam I04 1 1 10 Maximum number of iterations (must be > or = to 3)""" Just replace I04 (integer) by R08 (double) or C80 (character) Regards Yann
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