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  1. Hi Can you share a screenshot ? Yann
  2. Yann Le FLoch


    Hi Jackie You will find attached a memento for PyFlux. I don't understand you last question : Is there a way to change PyFlux code to Python code ? Flux use python to create loop, objects, ... but it is not possible to convert Python Flux object to "pure" python. You need Flux to create and evaluate the object. Yann Altair_Memento_pyFlux.pdf
  3. Hi, The Fujirawa method works fine on exemple 1, but your mesh is not good enough In the new version, you will have an automatic mesh Yann
  4. Hi Can you share your project Yann
  5. Hi Otto, Fujiwara is in the 2019.1.1 version. We just change the number of option in standard mode, but you can access if you use the advance mode in the option on the supervisor Yann
  6. Hi Jerome, I have no problem to solve your model with Altair Flux 2020 I just mesh and solve What version of Flux are you using ? Yann
  7. Hi Jerome, If you delete the mesh it will be a small file Yann
  8. Hi Jerome, It is difficult to answer without the model. If you can share it we can help you. Yann
  9. Hi again, I have the same result as Abdessamed. I have solved you device in Flux without any issues (with Altair Flux 2020) Can you tell us which version of Altair Flux you are using and which linear solver (Direct or iterative) ? Thanks
  10. Hi Mihia, Can you share the log and report file ? Thanks Yann
  11. Hi Jerome, Are you using "Automatic formulations" in the application dialog ? What I can see is, you set some formations on the region and it is not the good one because you have circuit. This two formations works without circuit (MDSCA : for magnetic materials with out sources; MD3TWOM: for conductive material without sources) Yann
  12. Hi Salvator, Yes, you can find all the command in a file in the working directory : Flux3D_log.py if you use 3D module Flux2D_log.py if you use 2D module You can also find it in the .FLU repository (in "persistent" repository) Yann
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