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  1. I activated MLFMM stabilization but it didn't worked.
  2. I tried deleting necessary faces but still i am getting error. Geometry is not stitched properly. CADFEKO transform tools are unable to stitch to form a region.
  3. Here is the modified file with hypermesh. drone_ara.x_t
  4. Dear JIF, Please find the find attached below. XD-I4T.IGS
  5. I tried stitching them face by face but still CADFEKO does not show regions. Which tool shall i use to modify the geometry? Geometry is too complex and contain 14,000 faces. I tried modifying with solid works but it does not worked. What do you recommend at this point?
  6. Simulating geometry at 24GHz for RCS in plane wave incident direction. Solver stops with error: Maximum number of iterations reached without convergence. 1. How to approach this problem? Thank you.
  7. For Plane Wave solution at 24 GHz (MoM/MLFMM/ PO and MoM/MlFMM coupling): 1. I have imported a cad file from soild works. Media can be assigned to regions and faces both. But in this import Feko does not display any region. Geometry consists of only faces. Face is allowing only Metallic Media or PEC but not dielectric. What should i do to assign dielectric media to this model? 2. Also, if i simulate with PEC, i get error: EPSENT is too large or trianlge size is too small How to approach this error? 3. What happens if i increase extent of the model in Feko?
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